Model diet: fast results resolute methods

Beauty - a terrible force! It would seem hackneyed concept, but it will never become obsolete, and never seems phony. The power of beauty extends to all and sundry. The strongest men are powerless against the soft and fragile woman. But even women bow to the beauty! Self-proclaimed goddess of attracting views and motivate self-improvement in the spreads of magazines. How they manage to be so beautiful? Why do they have such a perfect figure? Maybe there is a special model diet?

Model diet: fast results resolute methods

The secret of beauty and perfect figure

In her modeling career a lot of stereotypes: they get into this business? How much earns srednestaticheskogo model? How do they manage to keep the divine fragility and waist to 60 centimeters? The expanses of the Internet runs a special diet model, which belongs to the category of weight loss rapid methods. Needless diet name suggests its continued success. Who saw a model with an ugly figure ?! Only around must comply with the measure: a model diet for 3 days relevant for those moments when you need to urgently get in shape and look your best.

The classic version of the daily diet

What eat real model? Do they actually eat breakfast lettuce and remain indifferent to the meat, biscuits, chocolate and other pleasures of a true gourmet? There are, of course, girls are different, and one of them finds the beauty in low-fat products. But a good metabolism allows you to eat meat and fish dishes.

Model diet: fast results resolute methods

Correction figures provide a monopitaniem days. Diet model 3-day gives a weight loss of from 2 to 4 kilograms. Recommend principal amount of products distributed in the first half of the day, and eliminate the dinner. At breakfast, allow yourself boiled soft-boiled egg and tea without sugar. Between meals must be an interval of at least three hours. At lunch and dinner through the required intervals eat grainy curd in the amount of 100-125 grams. After 15 hours there is forbidden, but in the liquid is not limited. Model pretty severe diet, mainly due to the almost complete exclusion of carbohydrates, and therefore it is limited to three days.

The state of health during a diet

Despite the small amount of food, this diet is quite satisfying, no hunger for all three days. Therefore, it is a good option for women who are afraid of dietary restrictions. But a sweet tooth will feel uncomfortable. May cause weakness, dizziness and feeling of sucking in the stomach.

Model diet: fast results resolute methods

When the lung ailment allowed to eat a little honey (teaspoon), but the sudden blackouts and other problems of the model diet should be interrupted.

The appearance of the effect of

It is necessary to warn all the girls that in the pursuit should not forget about the realities of life for the beauty. So, three days is not possible to get rid of a large number of kilograms. And the fat during this time will not go away. Rather, it is to shake the body, a cleaning water. The effect is achieved at the expense of protein nutrition, but after three days the process of burning fat slows down. The body goes into an economical energy consumption mode, and continue the course of almost meaningless. Repeat diet can be only three weeks later, as it can lead to serious shortages of essential nutrients.

a four-day complex

What does the model four-day diet? Reviews say the loss of two kilograms or more. As a drink for these 4 days recommend green tea and herbal teas. Menu, it is worth noting here is even more satisfying. So, to breakfast to eat 2 boiled eggs or a piece of boiled meat weighing 50 grams. This model diet involves eating a toast with butter in the morning. At lunch, you can treat yourself to lean meat or fish. Method of preparation - quenching or grill. To 100 grams of a main dish, you can add a salad of beans and lettuce, and fruits in the amount of two pieces.

Model diet: fast results resolute methods

For dinner, eat a salad of green vegetables and two toast. Such a diet is more gentle to the body, and it can be repeated a little more often than the three-day option.

Oh these angels!

Which of the girls do not know the angels of Victoria's Secret ?! Here they live the ideals of feminine beauty! And how did they come into shape? Menu of their diet more varied, and the duration of its other. Victoria's Secret models diet can be used within a week. During this time, you can lose up to five kilograms. Portions - small, about 100-150 g

On the first day at breakfast barley porridge without dressing, grated carrots with lemon and a piece of corn bread. For lunch - vegetable stew or cabbage salad. And for dinner should eat buckwheat and salad of carrots and cabbage. Second day Breakfast is varied, but for dinner, you can taste the porridge. For dinner, you can treat yourself to a wheat porridge and beetroot salad. On the third day of the breakfast does not change, but lunch and dinner are slightly different again. Allowed meatless soup, baked vegetables and boiled potatoes. The fourth day involves protein diet: for breakfast - low-fat yogurt for lunch - boiled chicken with salad and for dinner - baked cabbage with tomatoes and cheese and baked apple. Fifth day offers to eat lean buckwheat, pickle without meat and rice porridge. Breakfast is the sixth day of barley porridge, sauerkraut, and lunch and dinner - from green vegetables. The last day involves a mixed diet with some indulgences. So, for breakfast allowed oatmeal for lunch - vegetable soup with croutons, and for dinner - boiled egg with vegetable salad. Nutritionists are allowed to use sweeteners and organic coffee, but do not recommend such a power supply system for people with gastrointestinal diseases and other chronic diseases.