A balanced diet - a pledge of beauty and health

Schedule a modern woman is so tight that the work and everyday life in her almost no time to look after themselves. Taking care of the family, she does not have time to play sports, use of the spa and eat right. This is the main cause of excess weight. It is clear that sport and salons - a matter of time, and the day is not limitless. But the correct balanced diet - it takes care of itself, and of relatives.

A balanced diet - a pledge of beauty and health

The concept of diet

If the power - it is the only affordable way for you to lose weight, forget the word diet. Resorting to the so-called rapid methods of dumping excess weight, can be irreversibly harm health: thyroid, metabolism and digestive system. As you know, the word "diet" (from the Greek. Díaita) means a diet or lifestyle. That is, according to experts, a diet - it is a balanced diet aimed at a slow weight loss, strengthening the results and the overall health of the organism. Unfortunately, regular health diet can be counted using the fingers of one hand.

The basic principles of a balanced diet

A balanced diet - is cooked correctly, the most useful for the organism food. Why do people often do not maintain such a diet for a long time and come back to the usual for a product? The thing is that the "balanced diet" and "hunger" concepts are perceived as synonyms, but with the right approach it is absolutely not the case.

A balanced diet - a pledge of beauty and health
  1. The breakfast is the most important meal. It is thanks to him run metabolic processes in the body. Breakfast should be light, and contain protein and complex carbohydrates. Then he will be able to prepare the body for a more hearty lunch, and dinner.
  2. Meals should be frequent, divided into small portions. The best option - it's 5-6 times a day. portions of volumes to be reduced. Do not worry about hunger: under this system, it is virtually non-existent. A great advantage of the fractional part of the power is correct distribution of proteins, fats and carbohydrates: entering the body in small amounts, they do not settle at the waist and hips, and fully converted into energy.
  3. A balanced diet completely eliminates junk food snacks or sandwiches, nuts, chips. It is these products are an enemy to our body: they increase cholesterol levels, contribute to the formation of cellulite and weight gain. Replace a snack can be a salad, savory fruit, cottage cheese.
  4. A balanced diet - a pledge of beauty and health

    Review your diet. Certainly it has a mass of unnecessary and completely insalubrious products: sugar, meats, alcohol, fizzy drinks, confectionery. For many, to abandon all this will be difficult, but it is only at first.

  5. Healthy cooking is the key to its usefulness. If improperly heat treated, even the dietary meat can be more than high-calorie and contain a lot of cholesterol. Preferably, to cook food in an oven or in a double boiler, barbecued or multivarka. Avoid frying foods, especially in the oil. Steamed, boiled, stewed and baked food - this is the correct balanced diet.
  6. Menu for the week or a day (how convenient) should contain adequate amounts of protein. They are the essential material for recruitment of muscle mass and indispensable to remove liquid. Protein is found in meat, eggs, fish and seafood, cottage cheese. Are important in the diet products with a high content of complex carbohydrates which are contained in cereals and legumes. They are a source of energy. Misconception that healthy food can be tasty and fun. Neither qualified nutritionists or grown thin people would disagree. A balanced diet not only helps to lose weight, but keep it at a certain level, and the body heal and replenish nutrients.