Diet Valley - a quick way to lose weight

On the Internet you can find countless variations of the power system, which is called the "Valley of the diet." In fact, the regime under which grew thin at one time famous singer, is a so-called kefir diet, as it is often called breast or diet doctor Saykova.

Diet Valley - a quick way to lose weight

In principle, not so important as to call this way to lose weight, because most immediately important result that it brings. Since the diet of Larisa Dolina in narrow circles is known as kefir, it is easy to guess that it is the main link of yogurt. This product is quite affordable and, most importantly, not too expensive, but the result, which gives its use for weight loss, is really stunning.

diet Features

Valley designed diet for the duration of seven days. Every day - eating certain foods in combination with low-fat yogurt. This diet should be attributed to the category of fastest ways to reset the weight. Accordingly, if you need to lose weight in a matter of urgency before the celebration, the best thing you will - a diet Larisa Dolina. 7 kg per week - this is a result of strict adherence to promises of food intake schedule with this method of weight loss. To begin to address some rules that will help to achieve a decent result. Since this mode of supply can not be attributed to a balanced and rational, then it is advisable to empty your bowels daily for seven days using enemas or laxatives. Eating should be at least six times a day, but there are significant restrictions on the use of water - it must be no more than a liter. Another, no less important condition, which is famous for the Valley of the diet - the last meal should take place before six o'clock in the evening. diet schedule

- The first day of the diet includes four grams of baked potato without salt, and five hundred grams of yogurt one percent, which should stretch for the whole day.

- The second day of the diet consists of four hundred grams of low fat cottage cheese combined with half a liter of yogurt one percent.

Diet Valley - a quick way to lose weight

- On the third day of the diet allowed half a kilo of any fruit (except bananas and grapes) and the usual amount of yogurt.

- Fourth day diet Valley, in addition to five hundred grams of yogurt, permits to use food four grams of boiled chicken breasts, cooked without salt.

- The fifth day repeats a full third day, with the same restrictions.

- Sixth Day - the most difficult, because on that day diet banned any food, even yogurt. It is only necessary to drink during the day and a half liter of mineral water, preferably carbonated.

Diet Valley - a quick way to lose weight

- Seventh Day - a repeat of the third or fifth day.

Out feed system Valley

After a diet of Larisa Dolina end, do not immediately throw in the flour, fat and sweet, because so you can quickly return the discarded such titanic efforts kilograms. In principle, you can eat in the usual way, but to limit high-calorie food intake. It will consolidate the results.