The ketogenic diet for weight loss: reviews

The ketogenic diet is considered one of the most discussed and mysterious type of diet plan. This system allows you to lose weight with the help of the use of home-sandwich, and for special Lovers special burgers are provided, which are also not complete. Scientists argue that this progressive method is very useful. With it, the person has the opportunity to receive energy than carbohydrates and fat from. Domestic nutritionists do not always trust this method. Each himself must decide suited this type of food for him or not.

The ketogenic diet for weight loss: reviews

What is the ketogenic diet?

This diet involves eating fatty foods. If you look at the list of foods that a person sitting on such a diet, gets to the supermarket, we can assume that soon he will get indigestion, as well as opportunities and challenges with increased blood cholesterol levels. The average buyer, who is on this diet, choose coconut oil, a large number of eggs, a few steaks, lard, olive oil, tofu, radish and greens. On most of these products can be judged that the person does not want to slow down the weight, but this does not apply to the ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic diet for weight loss: reviews

How useful ketogenic diet?

On the ketogenic diet no one gets sick, but on the contrary, people improve their health, and in conjunction with this process lose weight. The excellent result is sure a lot of people. They call themselves ketoistami. Many believe that the ketogenic diet is not only a way of eating, but also a whole philosophy. This diet shows that the higher the weight should not be constantly blaming fats, as they are not always the instigators or braking violation of metabolic processes.

The ketogenic diet for weight loss: reviews

The ketogenic diet alters the body so that the insulin production is greatly reduced. This material is intended for the regulation of blood glucose levels, that is, it allows you to adjust the level of satiety, to detect the presence of hunger. Instead there are ketone bodies. They provoked a sharp decrease of carbohydrates in the body, as they have a semblance of acetone. They form a single cycle, moving through the bloodstream to various organs and simultaneously adjusting the oxidation of fatty acids.

What is different from peers?

The body gets ketosis, ie the energy produced is not held in the carbon chain, and from an already delayed or incoming fat, the proteins are not consumed. The result of this diet is a fast weight loss, appearance of good mood and lightness. In addition, stronger muscle mass, so the passage of the ketogenic diet, you can take any physical activity without risk to health.


The ketogenic diet is not used in the presence of even minor problems with digestion, as well as substantial violations of the endocrine system. Sometimes a person realizes that such a diet is not for him only after try it, so in the early days you need to closely monitor their feelings. Some people even with a small lack of carbs immediately fall into a state of weakness, their deteriorating health, perhaps even fainting, but such cases are relatively rare.

The ketogenic diet for weight loss: reviews

The products with the ketogenic diet

Any options ketogenic diet suggests that people should eat no more than 50 grams of carbohydrates per day. This diet allows you to focus not on the total weight of the food, and the percentage of various substances in it. Fat a day should eat about 70% for protein foods aside 20% for carbohydrates - up to 10%. Particular attention should be paid to tissue that can be dissolved in water, as well as various forms of starch, resulting not only from potatoes, but also bananas.

The ketogenic diet for weight loss: reviews

menu ketogenic diet provides unusual. It allowed the use of the following products without significant restrictions:

  1. All the fat and dairy products, except for whole milk and yogurt form.
  2. Species artificially transformed meat, including bacon, ham, loin, bacon.
  3. The meat of all kinds of birds, including the skin, fish and a variety of seafood.
  4. Eggs in any form.
  5. fatty cheeses. When buying, choose the types in which the least carbohydrates.
  6. Avocado.
  7. On the question of what vegetables can be with the ketogenic diet, the experts respond that there is a wide choice, but the greatest attention should be paid to the products of green.
  8. Mushrooms.
  9. Tofu.
  10. butter and vegetable oil. The latter should be unrefined.

There are products whose use is possible, but should monitor their numbers and take in a minimum amount of:

  1. Any berries and nuts.
  2. Chocolate only possible dark with a minimum content of nuts and other additions. The composition should be checked for the presence of sugar, because if it is too much, then it is desirable to give up on the product.
  3. Fruit with a minimum sugar content.
  4. Root. If there is a need to use as a component of a particular dish, these foods should not be the main, and look like a condiment. It is advisable to eat them raw.

Prohibited products

There are products that the passage of the ketogenic diet is forbidden to eat:

  1. Sugar, any baked goods, honey, and purchased drinks - as carbonated or without gas content.
  2. Sauces, in which there is any thickeners or sugars, including homemade.
  3. Bread, cereals, some types of baking.
  4. Paste. The exception is Shirataki.
  5. Dried fruits.
  6. The products with a minimum fat or low-fat specifically.
  7. Vegetable spreads and margarine in any quantity.

When a person sits on a ketogenic diet, it should be prepared for what will always have to drink plenty of water. Often it even carry with them, to make the appearance of the slightest need. Permission is granted to use tea and coffee, but sugar is forbidden to add to them. To improve the taste, you can use lemon. Also, many are taking alcoholic drinks, but they should be light, should follow their optimal amount and frequency of application should be optimal.

Features ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet for weight loss is very dangerous, as its proper conduct does not guarantee the absence of contraindications and side effects, manifested in including in a stronger form. Usually all the negative manifestations of concern people who have broken the water and water-salt metabolism in the body.

The ketogenic diet for weight loss: reviews

The ketogenic diet is necessary for drying is carried out under the supervision of a competent professional. To get the desired effect, it is necessary at the time of completion of this diet apply various physical activities. The first days of the brain is deprived of carbohydrates, thus forging their intake of glycogen, which is found in the muscles and liver. The ketogenic diet for weight loss reviews is ambiguous, but it is worth paying attention to it.

What feelings arise on a ketogenic diet?

She feels at first not distinguished comfort. Light fatigue and lethargy are normal manifestations body response to reduced carbohydrate Incoming. You can not do it before menstruation or during its passage. Since this period is very dangerous ketogenic diet. Reviews of girls to confirm this.

The ketogenic diet for weight loss: reviews

If a person has in life arrived stressful period, it is not necessary to change your diet in favor of fat. From the third day properly conducted ketogenic diet subcutaneous fat begins to actively break down what influence ketone bodies. Appetite is reduced, so improving overall health, the brain does not require carbons. During this period, the conclusion must be properly secured content from the intestines and the kidneys.

Safety Methods

After 10 days of continuous diet (sometimes after a short period of time), you must stop it and make up the balance of all essential substances in the body of carbon. During the 10 days of such a diet as much as possible is lost 10 kg of body weight. This occurs primarily because of loss of much of the fat, as well as with the active withdrawal of excess fluid from the body.

After completion of this diet is necessary to return to a healthy and balanced diet, add to the diet of those products that are subject to exclusion. Proper conduct of the ketogenic diet and timely exit from it will help to improve not only the shape, but also their health.