Hollywood Diet - Lose Weight With The Stars

It is no secret that Hollywood beauty standards are fairly rigid framework and are directly related to the harmony of shapes. Film star is constantly torturing different dietary systems to maintain their beauty parameters are normal. For example, the Hollywood diet is very popular among the majority of actresses and singers, because it is a fairly effective system for weight loss in two weeks. However, it is worth considering that the stellar diet is too limited, not to say meager. Accordingly, before embarking on his compliance, it is desirable to consult a doctor.

Hollywood Diet - Lose Weight With The Stars

Principles of diet

In fact, stellar weight loss system is based on two principles. Hollywood diet combines a low-calorie and low-salt diet, which results in weight loss. menu includes food, steamed or grilled, be sure to use without frying in oil. The maximum daily intake of calories is reduced to the level of 600, and fast carbohydrates (sugar, baking) are removed from the diet for the whole period of weight loss. Enters the list of the forbidden and alcohol, regardless of its type.

Hollywood Diet - Lose Weight With The Stars

In addition, the Hollywood diet, reviews of which promise a weight reduction of up to ten kilos in two weeks, prohibits the use of salt. One can not just eat pickles, but also add some salt diets. This will bring the body of toxins, which also lead to the loss of the hated kilograms. But do not forget the use of ordinary water, the amount of which shall be not less than one and a half liters a day - it is necessary for the body to prevent dehydration. In addition to this type of fluid allowed green tea and coffee (without sugar and any additives). However, the Hollywood diet allows the use of sugar substitutes, however, they may have a significant injury. In addition to these nuances stellar diet does away with breakfast and a new day begins with lunch meals.

Diet Menu

Hollywood diet has several options, but the most common menu is as follows.

Hollywood Diet - Lose Weight With The Stars

The first day

Lunch: chicken egg and tomato. Dinner: chicken egg, grapefruit (half) and a salad of cucumbers.

The second day

Lunch: chicken egg and grapefruit. Dinner: cucumber, two hundred grams of beef (steamed or boiled).

The third day

Lunch: chicken egg or cucumber salad (can substitute tomato). Dinner: two hundred grams of beef (steamed or boiled).

The fourth day

Lunch: grapefruit and cucumber salad. Dinner: cottage cheese low fat (Hollywood diet permits no more than 200 grams) and cucumber salad.

The fifth day

Lunch: salad of cucumber and chicken egg. Dinner: lean fish, two hundred grams (steamed or boiled), cucumber salad.

The sixth day

Lunch: desirable salad apple, grapefruit and orange. Dinner: salad of cucumber and the usual two hundred grams of beef.

The seventh day

Lunch: orange (grapefruit), cucumber salad, two hundred grams of chicken (without the skin, steamed or boiled). Dinner: fruit salad for lunch in the sixth floor. Next week again repeats the entire seven-day cycle.