Detox Diet: rules, reviews, menu. Detox Diet Julia Vysotsky

Detox diet - a great way to get rid of the accumulated toxins in a healthy way. What is the main idea of ​​which have dining options? Read our article.

The basic concept of

Eating a variety of foods, we saturate the body with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Along with the useful components of fall and harmful toxins that accumulate in the lymph, digestive tract, skin and hair. When hazardous chemicals becomes too much, there are chronic diseases, headaches, nausea and fatigue. Detox diet can cleanse the body of toxins (detoxification occurs).

The first step is to avoid the specific products - the main sources of insecurity organics.

Detox Diet: rules, reviews, menu. Detox Diet Julia Vysotsky

The first couple of days of use clean water, juices or smoothies. Then gradually introduced into the diet of boiled rice, other cereals, fruits and steamed vegetables. In conclusion - meat, eggs. With great care is added to the diet of sweets and flour products.

How to get the toxins in the body

The main sources of harmful substances are the following products:

  • Coffee and strong tea.
  • Alcohol.
  • The desserts and sweets made with artificial sweeteners, flavors, perfumes.
  • Sugar.
  • Raw water.
  • Vegetables and fruits, which are growing at an excessive amount of chemicals were used.
  • Semi-finished products and canned products.
  • The spreads and margarines that contain palm oil.

Detox diet - is the use of large amounts of fluid and vegetable products. In parallel, should give up fatty, fried, sweets, alcohol, strong tea and coffee. Additional exercise and the use of herbal concoctions of chamomile, ginger and prune accelerate the cleaning process.

The principle of a natural purification system

The body of any person is designed so that the detoxifying process occurs continuously. The main filters are the kidneys and liver, which purify the blood and lymph, eliminating toxins through sweat, urine and feces. However, the use of a large number of refined foods, artificial saturated components, aggravates cleaning process, exerting intolerable pressure on organs. Signal to accumulate toxins are also diseases of the immune system.

Arrange a fasting days, using the basic principles of detox diet, and your body will be able to work with renewed vigor.

Detox Diet: rules, reviews, menu. Detox Diet Julia Vysotsky

And you will definitely see results. They will be in excess weight loss, improved health, skin and hair.

The features and rules of

  • If you are interested in this idea, and you're ready to try what a detox diet menu is made correctly, making sure that the diet was attended by all the necessary nutrients. Detox Diet: rules, reviews, menu. Detox Diet Julia Vysotsky
  • In the presence of diseases, consult with your physician, who will determine the safety limit in the diet for you.
  • There are several variants of the diet, and each is designed for a certain number of days. You do not need to limit themselves in power longer than the recommended period. Otherwise, there may be unpleasant digestive system diseases and severe dehydration.
  • Remember that everything is good in moderation. If too limit themselves in power, the result can be the opposite: natural metabolism slows down, the body will be much more difficult to bring back to normal weight and time to eliminate toxins.
  • Purchase only natural products. Lucky are those who have their own private plot, where there are the necessary vegetables. If there is no garden, buy only seasonal gifts of nature that match your region.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. The water add juice squeezed lemon, prepare fresh juices from fruits and berries, green tea drink, as well as extracts of rowan, fennel, hypericum, rosehip, ginger. Hibiscus tea is useful. Detox Diet: rules, reviews, menu. Detox Diet Julia Vysotsky


  • Detox diets should not be followed for those who have chronic diseases are observed, there is a problem of the heart or gastrointestinal tract, diagnosed with diabetes or low blood glucose.
  • Do not restrict food to pregnant and lactating women. In this case we are talking about the failure of any diet.
  • For children, adolescents and the elderly such a restriction may be harmful in the diet.

Detox Diet Julia Vysotsky

Many famous people have noticed that, we have to carefully monitor their appearance when it is necessary to be constantly on the mind. The well-known chef, actress, TV presenter and amazing beauty Julia Vysotsky once admitted that intensive diet helps her to always be in shape and look great without much effort. An important condition is a break from work and a reduction in household responsibilities: the body needs to expend energy on the elimination of toxins.

Detox diet Vysotsky is designed for three days. During this time, do not drink coffee and tea, give up sweets, salty foods and alcohol. Take a break in reception of medicines, vitamins, dietary supplements.

So, detox diet for 3 days:

Day 1 8.00 - a glass of juice, an apple or a handful of dried fruit.

10.00 - a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

12.30 - 250 grams of vegetables prepared in a steamer or simple vegetable soup.

16.00 - a glass of juice (use any fruit except oranges).

18.00 - salad of various greens and vegetable soup.

Day 2. At the specified time drink only juices, herbal teas or infusions. Salads, soups and fruit vegetables in general as not eating.

Detox Diet: rules, reviews, menu. Detox Diet Julia Vysotsky

Day 3 8.00 - 2 glass of juice and baked apple. Further, as the feed for the second day.

Additionally, you can engage in light exercises, moderate running.

Detox Diet: rules, reviews, menu. Detox Diet Julia Vysotsky

In the following days gradually add the remaining products.

cleanses the body for the week

Detox diet for 7 days calculated for 7 consecutive stages. Violate the order impossible. If health permits, each stage can be repeated at 2 days, then the diet will last for 2 weeks. Just want to warn that without training do not get too overzealous in an effort to get rid of excess toxins and kilos.

Stage 1. We drink water and juices. Cleaning starts with the fact that toxins must be dissolved in a liquid. Add in fresh water lemon juice, drink fresh juices from celery, beets and carrots, pineapple and mango.

Step 2: Add in the diet of fruits, such as watermelon, apples, mangoes, grapes and pineapple.

Step 3: Begin to use raw vegetables.

Step 4: You can eat steamed vegetables and boiled rice.

Step 5: Include in the diet of beans and nuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

Step 6: Add the porridge of whole grain cereals and homemade yoghurts.

Step 7. Slowly add the fish. We give preference to varieties rich in fatty acids.

Once the diet is successfully completed, you can gently add milk and meat products. Sugar and flour included in the diet the least. During the week daily drinking for at least 2, 5 l water.

A diet designed for 10 days

Diet for this version is painted in detail. Begin each morning with a glass of water should be, which added the lemon juice, and 1/2 teaspoon of honey. Before going to bed should drink prune congee, which activates the bowel. Detox Diet for 10 days:

1 day.

8.00 - 70 g of corn bran, avocado half, ginger tea.

Detox Diet: rules, reviews, menu. Detox Diet Julia Vysotsky

12.00 - 200 grams of rice with vegetables, cooked in a double boiler. 16.00 - baked apples.

18.00 - 200 g of vegetables (steamed), 2 eggs, hard boiled.

Day 2.

8.00 - 70 g of corn bran and vegetable salad, mint tea.

12.00 - vegetable soup (250 g).

16.00 - orange.

18.00 - serving a salad of fresh vegetables, 30 g of hard cheese.

Day 3.

8.00 - apple + 150 g curd, camomile tea.

12.00 - green soup water (250 g).

16.00 - grapefruit.

18.00 - vegetable salad, 150 g of boiled fish fat.

4 day.

8.00 - fruit salad (120 g), nuts (30 g), tea from ginger.

12.00 - vegetable soup (250 g).

16.00 - almond nuts (8-10 nuclei).

18.00 - vegetable salad, boiled chicken (150 g).

5 day.

8.00 - orange or grapefruit, cottage cheese (130 g), camomile tea.

12.00 - carrot, pumpkin soup (250 g).

16.00 - Kiwi (2 pcs.).

18.00 - vegetable salad, boiled oily fish portion (150 g).

Day 6.

8.00 - fruit salad (150 g), extract of mint.

12.00 - boiled rice with vegetables (200 g).

16.00 - a glass of kefir.

18.00 - salad cucumber and cabbage, 150 g of boiled chicken.

Day 7.

8.00 - 70 g of bran bread, cherry tomatoes, 1/2 avocado, ginger tea.

12.00 - soup water (250 g).

16.00 - mashed apples baked (150 g).

18.00 - vegetables, steamed (250 g).

Day 8.

8.00 - carrot and cabbage salad (150 g).

12.00 - soup of broccoli and cauliflower (250 g)

16.00 - juice from green apple, mint and kiwi.

18.00 - steamed vegetables (300 g).

Day 9.

8.00 - 150 g of cheese with greens, 2 fresh cucumber.

12.00 - lean green soup (250 g).

16.00 - grapefruit.

18.00 - vegetable salad, 200 g of boiled meat.

10 day. Repeat diet diet the first day.

three-week program of gentle cleansing

This detox diet allows the body to rebuild a new diet most sparing way.

During the first week should be removed from the diet of fried, flour, chocolate and coffee. Vegetables, fruit, meat and fish cooked on steam, which will save a maximum of nutrients. Second week - decisive. Once a day to eat raw vegetables and fruits, twice - liquid foods (yogurt, vegetable soups, fruit juices or smoothies). Allowed any cereal, boiled meat and fish, seafood, hard cheese, fruit and vegetables.

The third week of repeats of the first diet. to cooking and exceptions similar requirements.

Detox Diet: reviews

Of course, this way of eating immediately found its fans. Many women who are attracted detox diet, note that cooking these dishes is simple, but once you begin to feel an unusual lightness. Overweight leaves (2 to 6 kg), normal digestive process disappear headaches. Almost all say that even enjoy the power of this option. Food varied, balanced diet, there is no feeling of hunger due to frequent meals.

Difficulties noted by those who have to cook their own meals separately if other family members have refused the proposed diets. In general, most people who follow a similar diet, believe that this is very convenient to eat occasionally. Particularly relevant restrictions in the diet after the holidays and magnificent feasts.