Egg diet: reviews and results. Egg-orange diet: reviews

Eggs - This is a useful low-calorie product, it is ideal for weight loss. They contain a rich set of nutrients and trace elements, which is probably why this is a popular egg diet. Reviews of women say that it is very easy to carry, it does not harm the appearance, does not worsen the skin condition. Indeed, the use of eggs eliminates the need to take additional vitamins pharmacy, the body will not be deprived of necessary substances.

Egg diet: reviews and results. Egg-orange diet: reviews

Week relay - egg diet

And here is the most simple egg diet. Reviews confirms its high efficiency at a low cost and ease of use a dish. Need to know that the shorter the period which you currently released on weight loss, the harder conditions. Therefore, the most difficult of all the options is the egg diet for a week. Reviews women underscore the fact that we have to dramatically change the eating habits and to keep themselves within the strict limits, otherwise not be able to achieve the effect.

Despite a long criticism of eggs by nutritionists because of its high content of cholesterol, is a unique product that should be on the table constantly. The eggs present Niacin, it provides a power cord and is very useful at high mental stress. In addition, you get choline, which works well to improve memory and cleans the liver of toxins. It is safe to say that you will only be healthier, if you choose egg diet. Reviews suggest that along with a visible reduction in weight is a high performance and a normal state of health.

Finally the most important thing - a week of such a diet, you can lose 3-4 kilograms of excess weight. This is the well-known rapid method - egg diet for a week. Reviews show that if you do not immediately pounce on the bad foods, sweets, pastries and fatty meats, then you can save it for a long time. Next we will look at in more detail, it can be used in these seven days.

Egg diet: reviews and results. Egg-orange diet: reviews

Oranges as facilitators in the burning of fat

It is often used in nutrition orange. A large number of dietary fiber, vitamin C and folic acid makes it extremely useful extra lose weight, if necessary. Second name-week course - is the egg-orange diet. Responses about it very different due to the fact that we neglect the advice of a doctor, and uncontrolled use of these two products can lead to an exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Let us dwell on the menu. You can use without restrictions boiled eggs (preferably boiled). The second ingredient of your menu will be vegetables: zucchini, green beans, eggplant, carrots, beans, plain or needle. In one go eat something from this one. Oranges can eat all you want, but other fruits - a little. It may be apricots, pomelo, apple, pineapple, kiwi, tangerines, melons and watermelons.

There is a second version of this diet. To do this, every day you need to eat at random 6 eggs and a kilo of oranges, drink as much water as possible.

If you are a passionate fan of citrus, then you have to taste the egg-orange diet. Reviews suggest that sustain such a diet can not everyone. To feel comfortable, plan your menu for the week itself. For example, for breakfast, you can eat some eggs and oranges. Lunch may consist of eggs, cooked beans, and for dessert, let yourself pear. Snack egg can be replaced, and dinner - fresh salad of zucchini and oranges.

Go to the result of a systematic

If you left a bit longer, it's best to carve out a slimming cut genuine. Express diet is always quite difficult to comply with, and have a great chance to break. Better consider each egg diet (2 weeks). Reviews show that adhere to its rules easier, it makes it possible to lose weight, even those who suffer from a lack of willpower. Here we assume a strict three meals a day, between meals only water is allowed. Dinner there have to be limited to a late dinner. Do not eat after 19:00 pm, the vegetables can be eaten fresh or boiled, without adding salt and butter. These are the conditions that ensure the effectiveness of this policy as egg diet (2 weeks). Reviews confirm the possibility to get rid of 4-7 kg.

A distinctive feature of the two-week course: egg and grapefruit

Egg diet: reviews and results. Egg-orange diet: reviews

The effectiveness of this course provides an introduction to the menu grapefruit. He actively breaks down fatty tissue and transforms it into energy. And eggs supply the body with all the necessary nutrients, but low in calories. Energy value of about 50 kcal, and the daily "rate", so that the body began to part with stocks - 1600 kcal. So, the second title of the course - egg-grapefruit diet. Reviews say that it contributes to easy and pleasant to dropping excess weight.

Let us consider the menu, which will come to good results. Breakfast is the same throughout the 14 days. It is two eggs, grapefruit and coffee. Lunch includes 2 eggs and other ingredients:

  1. Tomato and tea.
  2. Grapefruit and tea.
  3. Spinach and green tea.
  4. Repeat.
  5. Repeat.
  6. 4 Fruit salad ingredients.
  7. Boiled chicken, tomatoes, grapefruit.

Lunch can be delayed in time, moving it closer to the dinner. The ideal time - about 4 hours of the day. Dining options at the week:

  1. Vinaigrette and salad without salt, grapefruit, tea.
  2. Boiled chicken and vegetables.
  3. 2 eggs and (or) cheese, beets, cabbage, tea.
  4. boiled fish, salad and coffee.
  5. Repeat.
  6. Boiled beef, fresh fruit and coffee with no additives.
  7. Chicken, vegetables and coffee.

A small addition: if you have high blood pressure, you should not abuse the coffee, it is better to replace it with green tea.

The second week of repeats of the first menu. You do not have to be hungry, and this is different egg diet for weight loss. Reviews suggest that after a late dinner does not pull on the kitchen into the night. And then there is only going to bed and wake up to breakfast.

The four-week weight loss rate

There are more rigid version of the diet, in which during all 4 weeks, you can only eat eggs and oranges. This is analogous to the weekly rate, only extended in time. Each day you can use 6 eggs and 6 oranges. This is a very tough egg diet. Reviews lost weight shows that it is extremely difficult to endure, but you can get the perfect result - minus 15-20 kg. Such a rapid plummet can lead to various disruptions in the body, and rapid return of body weight to the previous level.

According to nutritionists, the more smoothly occur weight loss, the easier it will be to keep the results achieved at the end of a special course. Therefore, the most preferred is a different system of power that lasts longer (this is also the egg diet) - 4 weeks. Reviews of women who followed this course, say that diet is perceived as the most common diet. Meals are divided into three stages: breakfast, lunch and dinner, which eliminates the sensation of hunger. Every meal is complemented with fresh vegetables, on account of they contain fiber you will long to feel satiety.

All changes in comparison with the usual food, are to limit the consumption of complex carbohydrates and fats, due to this reduced calorie content. Another bonus that gives you the egg diet: testimonials from those who have had a similar experience, emphasize the availability and low cost of the required products. Having held fully 4 weeks, you can lose about 10 kg, which is quite a tangible result.

We will not describe this diet menu. He has already resulted in the description of the two-week course. Be sure to drink plenty of water and try to resist the temptation to eat. If you really want to eat, and before the next meal is still far, drink water and eat fresh carrots.

Egg diet: reviews and results. Egg-orange diet: reviews

What is the diet "Maggie"

Today, it developed several options for efficient low-calorie diets, which are easily and without much effort, allow to reduce the weight of both men and women. This series was named "Maggie". There are egg and cheese option, they both are interchangeable, as are protein and low-carb. It is no secret that carbohydrates are the "fuel" that is happy to use our body. If they stop coming, it is necessary to use high-melting fats. Therefore, there is an intense fat burning. These diets predolagayut very strict adherence to regulations. You can not change the meal sites, add menus and other products to snack.

Egg diet: reviews and results. Egg-orange diet: reviews

Diet Menu "Maggi"

Cheese and egg variants differ from each other not so much, so we give one menu. You can one day to eat eggs, and replace them with cottage cheese on the second day. The effectiveness of course this does not decrease. It turns out the combined egg-milk diet. Reviews elevate it to the status of a panacea in the fight against excess weight. The menu is a little different, so write out it on all four weeks.

During the first seven days, breakfast will include an unlimited number of fruit, 1-2 eggs, or 200 g of cottage cheese. Lunch and dinner are present by day.

  1. Lunch - fruit. For dinner, cooked beef and vegetable salad without restrictions.
  2. Dinner - boiled chicken. For dinner, fish and vegetables. You can toast 1. For dessert orange.
  3. Lunch - cheese, tomatoes and a few crackers. For dinner, beef and salad.
  4. Lunch - fruit (except bananas and grapes). For dinner, boiled beef with salad.
  5. Lunch - Vegetables, raw or boiled, and 2 eggs. In the evening, fish and salad.
  6. Lunch - fruit. In the evening, boiled meat and salad.
  7. Dinner - boiled chicken. For dinner, cooked vegetables.

In the second week of breakfasts remain the same. Cottage cheese and eggs can be alternated with each other.

  1. Dinner - cottage cheese or eggs, and cooked vegetables. In the evening, shrimp or fish and vegetables, orange.
  2. Lunch - boiled beef. For dinner, cheese or eggs, fruit without restrictions.
  3. Repeat the previous day.
  4. Lunch - any vegetable, white cheese. In the evening, meat and vegetables.
  5. Dinner - boiled fish and salad. In the evening, cheese or eggs and fruit.
  6. Lunch - beef, tomatoes and oranges. For dinner, fruit salad.
  7. Dinner - boiled chicken, vegetables, 1 orange. In the evening, a similar menu.

The third week is held in a strict regime. Monday - fruits, except bananas and grapes. Tuesday - any vegetables, except potatoes. Wednesday - any fruit, vegetables and salad. Thursday - cooked fish and vegetables. Friday - boiled meat and vegetables. On Saturday and Sunday - only fruits. On the fourth week, you are invited to the menu for the day. On Monday you can eat a quarter of chicken, 3 tomatoes, 2 cucumbers, 1 can of tuna without oil, 1 toast and fruit. Tuesday - the same, only the number of chicken is somewhat reduced, about 200 On Wednesday you can eat 400 grams of cottage cheese or 4 eggs, a bowl of boiled vegetables 2 tomatoes and cucumbers. For dessert can be fruit. On Thursday, you can cook a half chicken, 3 tomatoes, 1 cucumber. Friday offers a menu of two boiled eggs, salad, fruits and vegetables in unlimited quantities. On Saturday the need boiled breast, 200 grams of cottage cheese, or 2 eggs, 2 cucumber and 2 tomatoes. On Sunday you can eat 400 grams of cottage cheese or 4 eggs, 1 can of tuna without oil, a bowl of boiled vegetables 2 tomatoes and cucumber and fruit.

This is the famous egg diet "Maggie". Reviews, results and photos from the series "before and after" can be seen everywhere. It really is a reliable way to lose weight. But, like everything, it has two sides.

Egg diet: reviews and results. Egg-orange diet: reviews

Opinion dietitian

Many people today really like the egg diet. Reviews help doctors see the positive and negative sides, and make the right choice.

Such a diet is very helpful in terms of the formation's ability to adhere to a healthy diet. During the diet leveled blood sugar levels, and this in turn reduces cravings for sweets. This diet will not only lose weight but also to get rid of dependence on fast carbohydrates: cakes, pastries, sweets. Much mood swings will occur less frequently.

The second advantage that you get - it is the habit of simple food. Eating for a while without food spices and various additives, you begin to re-taste food, and therefore cease to pour hazardous food sauces. Many say that they ceased to prepare the complex, multi-component meals, which often are the source of the excess fat. This salad with meat, smoked meat, mushrooms and mayonnaise, also here include grilled meat and cheese with fries and more. Such a diet sufficiently rich for a total low-calorie, so you will not torment weakness and dizziness. Another plus - a large number of fruits and vegetables, and are sources of fiber.

Now let's talk about the disadvantages. Firstly, it is itself an egg white, it can cause allergies and skin rashes. This is particularly important when combined with grapefruit. If you notice such violations, then stop. Continued fraught with metabolic disorders.

Second, the long lack of carbohydrates (more than 2 weeks) is dangerous for our body. If one of the human body is simple, then the second one may experience a decrease in the secretion of the hormone T3. The following symptomatology - a general weakness, fatigue, headache, pallor and dry skin. Such hormonal failure may lead to the fact that the weight will rapidly gain even with the meager diet.

If parallel long (4-6 weeks) of dieting you actively exercise, you may develop a "bodybuilder syndrome." This attrition, muscle breakdown, hypothyroidism, slow reactions. If you feel that you have begun, for example, a stumble, a diet should be abolished, and see a doctor. Most likely, you will have a high-carbohydrate diet, other treatment is selected individually.

Oatmeal in addition to the eggs

It turns out that the biggest disadvantage of this type of diets - a low carbohydrate content. It is easy to fix, if you add in the diet of porridge. It contains slow carbohydrates and lots of nutrients. Of all the other more neutral with respect to our body is egg-oat diet. Reviews of women say that the results are not forced to wait and persist long enough. A week away 6-7 kg, and back they come back after six months at the complete disregard diet.

No special menu is not required. It is very convenient - no need to keep a close eye that today's scheduled lunch, purchase the necessary products for the next day. You can also buy several weekend packages the simplest of oatmeal and egg tray. Very easy you can prepare a lunch to work. In the morning to cook porridge and eggs, or buy a special oatmeal fast food, but without milk and sugar. So, go to the menu. For breakfast, you eat a bowl of oatmeal in the water and 1 egg. That's enough to spend half a day without feeling hungry. For lunch, porridge and two eggs. And for dinner only porridge. If you are not accustomed to do without snack, choose 2 eggs or a plate of porridge.

The menu is not too varied and tasty, but you can get used. This diet is designed for 7 days. It is not at all "hungry" as the only egg diet. Reviews lost weight say that all achieved positive results. They, of course, vary depending on the individual, but the minimum plummet this week, according to statistics, is 2, 5 kg. And most importantly - there is a rapid countdown, when, after a painful diet, you in return all that it took barely two weeks.

Egg diet: reviews and results. Egg-orange diet: reviews

To summarize

Today, we looked at various options for losing weight with the help of a simple and useful product. According to the statistics, the interest rates for this kind of weight loss is only growing, fueled by good results predecessors. But we should remember that before you start to lose weight, you need to consult a dietitian, especially if your choice - egg diet. Reviews and the results are impressive, but we should not forget that all individually. There are many srednekaloriynyh diets that do not involve such a significant departure from the traditional diet, but effectively help with the problems of excess weight.

This is not a panacea for all and for everyone, but if you decide to try, start with short courses of 3-7 days. You can try to change the protein component, such as an egg substitute cottage cheese or boiled chicken, to avoid problems with excess cholesterol. Success in achieving the results!