Separate nutrition: reviews. 90-day diet of a separate food principles

Almost everyone is familiar such a thing as a separate food. Feedback on this system can be found in almost any. Someone defines it as the only right and follow it for life. Other such system is used only as a temporary measure for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and the third and did consider such food harmful for our body. Who is right, try to deal with today. Despite the abundance of contradictions, this power system is very popular, it is becoming more adherents.

Separate nutrition: reviews. 90-day diet of a separate food principles

What guided developers of this approach to nutrition

Let's look at what the authors say such a system, as a separate power supply. Review everyone who tried it stick, will have its own, but many speak of a constant feeling of hunger, discomfort and difficult adaptation. However, along with a strict diet, many only adhere to certain rules, such as not eating meat with potatoes or pasta, and used as a garnish sources of fiber.

Author diets, Shelton says that following a separate feed allows to tidy up all the processes of digestion, and, as you know, it is from this system depends on all the other processes in the body. According to the author methods, including in the diet of incompatible products, we strongly impairs their digestion. In this non-oxidizing batteries are environment for the development of putrefactive bacteria, the source of toxins, that is poisoning the body. In addition, the consumption of multiple incompatible products - is a direct path to obesity. It should be noted that not all doctors are of the opinion that each person needs a separate power supply. Reviewed by a nutritionist, the following will give you information for analysis.

What is this system? In fact, this description is compatibility between different groups of products. Among them, the author identifies the sources of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, as well as acidic and semi-acid fruits and vegetables.


Such a transition is at first glance seems very simple, but when you have to practice to eat meat without bread, to give up sandwiches, as cheese, butter and toast should be used at different times, then there will be some difficulties. Indeed, the need to radically change your eating style. The author of this famous technique offers its followers gradually begin to get used to this one day a week you practice the separation of power. Review the author says that after about a month you will be able to easily withstand two or three days, and then completely change style food. The most important thing is that very soon you will start to feel the new flavors. Avid followers of a separate food say that completely refuse from complex, multi-dishes. Therefore, one has only to start, then the body itself will tell you what is useful and what is not.

Separate nutrition: reviews. 90-day diet of a separate food principles

Advantages and disadvantages of a separate power supply system

Many perceived it as a diet. A separate food really - it is a new way of life. It should be noted that people who have gone over to this style of power, solve the problem of excess weight once and for all. By the system disadvantages are the discomfort that people experience during the adaptation period. However, a wide acceptance among physicians still have not found this diet. Separate food well for a period of treatment and recovery from illness. However, doctors do not fundamentally disagree with the fact that this style of eating can be called healthy. Judging by the reviews, gastroenterologists and nutritionists believe that is practiced on a regular basis separate food, on the contrary, disrupt metabolism. This can be explained from the point of view of the theory of evolution. A man from ancient times consumed in a variety of food products, and the nature of the digestive tract is adapted to these requests. But that was created over the centuries, not in need of correction. Digestive tract produces enzymes needed to break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and if it comes only one group of products, that balance is disturbed. Doctors warn that, like any other, should be carried out and this diet is under their supervision. A separate food can become a lifelong eating habits simply because the body unlearn take other foods.

The main groups of products

Let's take a deeper look at what constitutes a separate power supply. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates - these are the main groups of nutrients that we get from food. Thus fats are compatible with all product groups, but proteins and carbohydrates do not mix with each other. This is because protein digestion need an acidic environment, and for the assimilation of carbohydrates - alkaline. It should be borne in mind that different products require different time for digestion.

Thus, the fruit absorbed in approximately 30 minutes and will take several hours to break down the meat. Now imagine a gala dinner, when you eat meat and vegetable salads with mayonnaise, nuts and eggs, then thoroughly dine the main course with a complex sauce and French fries on the side dish, and a snack all this cake with chocolate cream. Poorly digested food poisoning your body for a long time remain on the walls of the intestine, which leads to intoxication and excess weight.

Separate nutrition: reviews. 90-day diet of a separate food principles

In order to help your digestion, and created a separate food. Recipes, which we present below will help you make sure that it is possible to eat tasty and healthy.

Compatible products

It is clear that highlight products that are pure protein, carbohydrate or fat, hard enough, why not divide the products into three categories, and 18. In this case, the author recommends to use only techniques compatible products in the same meal. The interval between doses should be at least 2 hours. We list all of the groups of products:

  • Meat and fish.
  • Watermelon and melon.
  • Eggs.
  • Nuts and seeds.
  • Starchy vegetables and roots.
  • Dairy products, cheese.
  • Vegetable oil
  • butter (do not use margarine!).
  • Dried fruits and sweet fresh fruits.
  • Smetana.
  • Milk.
  • Semi-sweet fruits and berries.
  • tomatoes, sour fruits and berries.
  • Green vegetables, non-starchy vegetables, herbs.
  • legumes.
  • Cheese, cheese.
  • Everything that contains sugar.
  • Grain, cereals and potatoes.

Those foods that belong to the same category, combined with each other and can be used simultaneously.

Separate nutrition: reviews. 90-day diet of a separate food principles

What benefits can bring a separate food for weight loss? I should say that most of it for this purpose, and people resort to this system. It should be noted that the results are worth it to try. You do not need to starve yourself or look for shopping exotic products, simply follow the same system under the name "Separate food." Menu at the same time can be quite diverse, so you do not have every day are one and the same as it is when you practice trendy mono-diet.

The seven-day course of

As we have said, the transition to separate food on a regular basis can be quite uncomfortable, so much more convenient for you to first try a short course. Separate food for weight loss can be used for fasting days once or twice a week. However, much more effective considered week courses.

A week from your diet completely excluded products such as bread and sugar, any animal fats and potatoes. Do not forget that dinner should be no later than 7 pm. Do not forget that you need to drink plenty of fluids, application of the rules - at least 1, 5 liters per day. The day is necessary to carry out at least 5 meals to about 3 hours apart. After a one-week course is completed, you can start all over again, with a menu of the first day.

A separate food: Menu

After seven days, you can go smoothly on a normal diet or a seven-day repeat cycle again, it depends on the goals that you have set. The first day is dedicated to your separate food whole grains. For this chop and fry in vegetable oil per carrot and onion and then pour 200 g of cereals any three glasses of water and mix it with all sauteed vegetables. Boil until cooked cereals. It turns out tasty, hearty and very inexpensive.

Separate nutrition: reviews. 90-day diet of a separate food principles

The second day of the diet - vegetable. On this day, you can cook any vegetable salad, fill it with oil. It can be a salad of boiled or any salad with fresh vegetables, but the day you should eat about 2 kg. On the third day, the daily ration comprises 1, 5 kg of vegetables and 400 g of any lean meat. This can be chicken or rabbit. All products are best boiled or baked in the oven. The fourth day is dedicated to the fruit, the day they can eat 2 kg, it is desirable to choose seasonal. Fifth day - do not forget about the benefits of dairy products, in this day, you can drink a liter of low-fat kefir and eat 400 grams of cottage cheese. Allowed to use one egg. The sixth day will delight lovers of fish products. You will one day rely 400 g lean fish and 1, 5 kg of various vegetables. Finally, the seventh and final day is recommended to eat vegetable soup. Here is the lite version of separation of power. Compatible products within this short course is not seen every day serves as a small mono-diet.

The three-week course of

Long adhere to such strict restrictions can not, so if you plan to lose weight properly, then choose a longer course, but with a more lenient regime. That such and should be separate power supply. Menu for all three weeks will be given in summary form and individually pick it up under your body's needs can only be a doctor. A suite of products and is repeated every seven days. The first day, the eighth and fifteenth

  • For breakfast you can choose a salad of radish or cabbage (150 g) with vegetable oil. Garnish dressing will serve barley porridge (70 g cereal per cup of water) with browned vegetables. You can treat yourself to tea with lemon and black bread.
  • At lunch, prepare themselves for salad sauerkraut (150 g), wheat vegetable soup and ragout.
  • Dinner can take 150 g lettuce carrot with a vegetable oil, and wheat cereal and raisins (60 g).

The second day, the ninth, sixteenth

  • For breakfast, prepare yourself an amazing vitamin salad. To do this, take 150 g of cabbage, apple, carrot and lemon juice. Add some barley porridge and tea with cranberries.
  • At lunch these days is perfect vegetarian soup. One portion can take 60 g of potato 20 g carrots and beets, 40 g of cabbage, tomato paste, herbs and spices. For salad dressing can be fed with a oat cutlet baked potato (40 g).
  • At dinner - salad beetroot with butter and 60 g of wheat cereal.

The rest of the day

They are very similar in menu. Instead of the above analogs may be administered salads salted fungi, black radish, fresh tomatoes. You can also experiment with soups, perfectly suited to the diet while bean or buckwheat soup, pickle, as well as many others.

As you can see, a very diverse and rich can be a separate power supply. And recipes can be added according to your taste, the main thing - to follow the principle of compatibility of products.

Diet for 90 days. A separate food menu, and the recommendation of

This is another version of a separate power supply, but the authors have approached a few different menu design. This diet allows the flour and sweet, but it is a very effective and efficient. Goal - to 90 days to accelerate the metabolism and to develop proper eating behavior. To do this, the whole diet is divided into cycles of four days, each of which is dedicated to only one group of products. In this case, every 29 days, you need to arrange a break. On this day, only water is allowed. The last meal should be no later than 8:00 pm. Breakfast is the easiest, and dinner is half the meal.

Separate nutrition: reviews. 90-day diet of a separate food principles

The first day - protein foods

We begin the process of purification with protein products. Those days are transported easily, because protein is digested for a long time and gives a feeling of satiety. I eat fish and meat, eggs, dairy products, cheese and curd allowed in those days. This complete separation of power. Proteins are essential for our body, because they are the basic building material. In addition, these days allowed any vegetables, except potatoes, vegetable soup and whole wheat bread.

Sample menu for the day

Will discuss a separate food products that you can use these days. Of them can cook a lot of delicious dishes, which means that you should not worry about what you will suffer from hunger. Breakfast is perfect for a glass of berries and a couple of fruit. At lunch - a useful piece of salmon (150 grams) and 100 grams of green salad. An alternative may be avocado salad and beans (250 g). Do not forget about the important meal - lunch. This can be an omelet with cheese. But for dinner perfectly suited fermented baked milk or cottage cheese.

The second day is devoted to food starch

As you can see, it is not always associated with severe restrictions separate meals. Carbohydrates, which are so afraid of our lovely ladies, is actually very helpful, you just need to use them separately from other foods. It cereals and legumes, any vegetables, vegetable broth, whole wheat bread. That is, in this day menu includes slow, useful carbohydrates. For breakfast, you can repeat the berries and fruits. For lunch, perfect stew of vegetables, at lunch - baked potatoes, and for dinner - a little bit of dried fruit or a banana.

Separate nutrition: reviews. 90-day diet of a separate food principles

The long-awaited goodies

Indeed, the day awaited by many. You can arrange a holiday allowed carbohydrate foods, cereals, flour products, any vegetables, baking without eggs and yeast, biscuits or cake and dark chocolate. At breakfast - the familiar fruit. For lunch - spaghetti with tomato sauce for dinner - tea with a biscuit or a cup of hot chocolate. You can cook vegetable lasagna or pie. It can be a very tasty and healthy separation of power. Menu for the day does not seem harsh and even because the next day you will change dishes.

Vitamin days

This fasting days, which prepare the body to receive protein. Today you can have soaked dried fruit, and any fruit, seeds and nuts. After a traditional breakfast of fruits and berries the time comes to dinner, now you have 250 grams of fruit salad. At lunch - 200 grams of roasted apples, and for dinner - a bit of melon. Observe such power system is easy enough, and as a result you can lose 5 to 25 kg, depending on the initial weight. The main advantage is that excess weight away permanently, as it is fully rebuilt metabolism.

Recipes for every day,

Although it will take some willpower, many feel quite soft way to lose weight is a separate food. Recipes for 21 days, 90 days, or just to unload before the holiday will be useful every hostess. As you know, meat and fish are perfectly combined with vegetables. On this you can play well, prepare a salad of fresh chopped cabbage and boiled chicken breast, and hot - baked fish with tomatoes.

Priceless product - it's a fish. To prepare a delicious meal, put out enough pollock or hake with a little white wine and sprinkle with herbs. Festive dishes will be trout in the pot, for that, in addition to fish, you'll need green beans, carrots and peppers. Things are going in a pot and prepares to 45 minutes.

Favorite dish followers of a separate food are porridge. This is where the imagination is limitless! You can cook rice pilaf with carrots and onions, buckwheat with vegetables or mushrooms, cutlets rolled oats, and more. Do not forget that, in spite of the separation of power, proteins, fats, carbohydrates needed by the body all together and individually.