How not to go crazy at work

How not to go crazy at work

Human life is more than twenty-four hours work wear seven days a week. Do not listen to those who advise to live. On the fourteenth hour working day is unlikely to be born valuable idea or breakthrough idea, convinced Basecamp founders and authors of the book "Do not go crazy at work"

Why work punctually happen rush jobs? How to stop being nervous and finally begin to solve the problem? Why serenity - is the basis for productive work, and the race against time just exhausting and does not lead to results? Explain entrepreneurs, company founders Basecamp Jason Fried and David Hansson Haynemayer in his book, "Do not go crazy at work", which is published by "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber" in late April.

All entrepreneurs polls embrace the idea of ​​"perpetual motion". How many famous quotes, motivating to work to exhaustion! It's time to slow down. See pictures tagged #entrepreneur in Instagram. "Legends are born in the valley of the fight!", "Do not be mad gifted - just crazy to try" and "To reach the goal, no matter what."

Well, go ahead until you fall exhausted. Perhaps the first calls for vigorous activity were to raise the spirits of newly entrepreneurs to help them beat already held business, but now these slogans associated with only career race. On the one reached its target stubborn it is necessary a lot of broken, bruised and burned-out workers will not come. And all for what?

Neither victory nor futile sacrifices do not bring the expected satisfaction, because it is in fact running after a carrot. Human life is more than twenty-four hours work wear seven days a week. Do not listen to those who advise to live. On the fourteenth hour working day is unlikely to be born valuable idea or breakthrough idea. Creativity, progress and creative impulse is not subject to brute force. The proof is the creative sphere, the experience of writers, programmers, designers, product developers. Perhaps only in certain branches of manual labor the more you invest, the more you get, and it is sometimes. But it is unlikely accidents, which has been forced to stick to the three low-paying jobs, are proud of their sacrifice. Usually it flaunt only those who really do not have to ruin the health for the sake of a piece of bread. Entrepreneurship must not be turned into a relentless struggle for survival. Basically, it is much more boring. Not mad chase with leaps through exploding cars, but rather laying bricks and plaster.

So, we allow ourselves to go quietly. From the heart to try every day, but no more. You can have time to play with children and at the same time be a successful entrepreneur. You can do your favorite things. Take care of yourself. Even read a book. Or look stupid comedy in good company. Slowly cook a delicious dinner. Or take a stroll from the heart. In general, most live a normal life.

Happy Pacifist

In the business world it is accepted to fight for victory, seek to dominate and destroy the competition. From this point of view, any business leader - a tiny Napoleon. Not enough for him to snatch a piece of the universe. He needs to hell, her whole hog!

Companies who think they live in a world of zero-sum, not "earn a share of the market" and "capture the market." They do not serve customers and "win" them. They "focused" on consumers, collected "unit" Sales, hire "hunters" for the staff, elected "strategy" and "tear down" the jackpot. The language of the war are written tragic stories. Those who imagines himself to officers who need to eliminate enemies (competitors), justify the dirty technologies and low preach morality. And the bigger the fight, the more detestable. As they say, all's fair in love and war. Here only it is not love and not war. This is a business. Unfortunately, the war metaphor is hard to refuse. The media competing companies routinely referred to the warring parties. Sell ​​well sex and war and battles in the business is a kind of pornography for the financial headings. But the "steepness" absolutely does not mean anything to us.

We are in the world. We do not have imperial ambitions. We do not seek to dominate their field or in the market. We wish all good. To get their own, we do not need to take away someone else's. What is our market share? What's the difference! Do we have enough customers to cover costs and make a profit? Yes. It is growing annually whether their number? Yes. And we this is enough. Nothing depends on the market share, whether it is two percent, four, or 75. It is important that we have a healthy business with a strong economy that we are completely satisfied. Costs under control, profitable sales ...

Many companies are obsessed with delusions of comparing yourself with others. It does not matter whether they are the first, second or third in their field, they compare themselves all over its closest competitors. Who won what? Who has more money? Of whom the press writes? Why did they sponsor the conference, and not us? As aptly put by Mark Twain: "Comparison kills joy." We agree with him ...

It is not necessary to change the world

Business Scope impregnated unreasonable ambitions. Now it is not enough to make a good product or providing good service. No, all you need to change the world of innovative proposals. Thousand revolutions simultaneously. Oh well!

Eloquently testifies unbridled passion to break patterns. Today, everyone wants to be a pioneer. Break all the rules (as well as several laws). To turn on its head the traditional industries. But if you call your own work break, not the fact that it is such, in fact. Basecamp does not change the world. We only simplifies the process of communication and cooperation between companies and teams. This important work pays well, and we that's enough. We try not to rewrite the history of the world. Is no longer considered themselves bound to change the world, you will drop from their shoulders the burdens and ease the lives of those around. A good reason to give away all the time work. To work as it should and may be tomorrow - and today walk away from the office on time.

And then there is nothing to justify a business meeting at 9 pm on weekends or sprint. The relatives will no longer assume that you are nonsense at family celebrations, describing his work: "What do I do? I work in PetEmoji, we completely change the situation in the sphere of health insurance for the animal. " Oh, very interesting!

Tune in to the good work. Honestly lead dealings with customers, employees and in general with all who meet you on the path of life. Try to leave a good impression about yourself and think less (better not think at all) about how to change the world. Most of all, you can not do it.