The wise woman is different from the smart

• The wise woman is different from the smart

The wise woman is different from the smart

Author Olga Valyaeva explained to us the difference.

- Smart woman to find her husband's mistake, tknot his nose. And recalled that she had warned him about it.

- A wise woman - support, embolden, sometimes pretends not to notice anything.

- Smart woman in crisis would take the reins and teach her husband to live right.

- A wise woman subtly show him the direction and support of intending to reach there.

- Smart woman will teach children math, no matter what.

- A wise - sees in each person.

- Smart woman at work will try to be better than others, and not to make mistakes. The majority of colleagues will treat it very cautiously.

- A wise woman will create a team atmosphere of love and warmth. - Smart woman will not interfere in the lives of their adult children, giving them unsolicited advice and recommendations, to tell them about how to raise children.

- A wise woman will allow children to get their experience and support in any situation.

- Smart woman will deal with the influence of her mother in law, to assert their independence from their parents, argue with them because of their tips.

- A wise woman learns to smile, listen silently agree. And make their own way. With love.

- Smart woman wants to change the world, to remake all the people around.

- A wise woman will begin to change itself. And accept others as they are.

- Smart woman thinks happy is he who is right.

- A wise woman knows that the rights of someone who is happy.