15 films about women with strong character

At the words "strong woman" images of people born in our heads, which is a concept associated. Women with the inner core may not like it, cause a lot of controversy, accusations against him, but what exactly - they are attractive, like a magnet. Life circumstances provoke them to make decisions, after which linked them trail of strong women.

15 films about women with strong character

Frances Ha 2012

Frances Ha

15 films about women with strong character

Sometimes it is necessary to do what needs to be done. Not always easy to get away from the problems, even if you have an easy character. But in no case can not stop dreaming. This is the story of the ups and downs of the New York dreamer, learn to make the right choices and become an independent woman, which itself dictates the rules themselves, rather than flowing through the life.

Inglish-vinglish 2012

English Vinglish

15 films about women with strong character

The heroine of the film is not going to save the world from a universal evil, or to invent a cure for cancer, but it is strong enough to improve. The story of this woman's simple and ordinary, and way out of the situation is quite trivial - just some English courses. But the heroine - a woman with a rod that can weed out all non-essential and concentrate on the essentials.

A Royal Affair 2012

En kongelig affære

15 films about women with strong character

Queens rarely lucky in love, especially if the King is more interested in nice young man than his own wife. And the administration of the state was not too worried. Because costs to be patient to get a sensible allies and become happy. Unfortunately, life is not always pleased with all the brave and passionate, but definitely worth the fight.

Gravity 2013


15 films about women with strong character

The loneliness and emptiness. How not to go crazy, being in the open space? The incredible story of the power of will, endurance and courage of one woman who was in a desperate situation. Great game Sandra Bullock holds the viewer's attention to the entire movie, making empathize with the situation and try for yourself. Not every man would have enough endurance to go through similar circumstances.

Sils-Maria, 2014Clouds of Sils Maria

15 films about women with strong character

Fading movie star Maria Enders receives an offer to play a successful but naive, and no longer young careerists, fell in love with his young secretary. All anything, but only once at the beginning of his career, Maria played the role of the most fateful assistant. The new role begins to seriously hit the self-esteem of the actress. How to move from one role to another and have to take a new you?

Still Alice 2014

Still Alice

15 films about women with strong character

How scary professor of linguistics wake up one day and realize that she forgets the words. Losing the names of loved ones and familiar names due to rapidly progressing Alzheimer's disease, Alice still remembers that she happy man. Amazing film that is certainly worth a look once again to remind yourself that the value is every moment of life.

Ma Ma 2015

Ma ma

15 films about women with strong character

Learn? Yes, this is Penelope Cruz. In the film "Ma Ma" actress played the role of a talented teacher and a loving mother Magda, which gathers all the strength to overcome the disease and regain the right to live and be happy.

The Vanished 2015

Gone Girl

15 films about women with strong character

On the one hand, the mad, the other - loving. But where is the line between passion and madness? On the eve of the fifth anniversary of the marriage celebrations culprit disappears, leaving a chain of clues and riddles to her Blessed. Clever and resourceful woman often makes such surprise her husband. What is waiting for him this time?

The Age of Adaline 2015

The Age of Adaline

15 films about women with strong character

What is it - the favorite to survive? What is it - never grow old, to prohibit himself closer to the people and to constantly move from place to place, that no one knows your secret? What is it - see how in the eyes of aging only daughter, and know that it will go to another world before you? "The Age of Adaline" - soulful romance, while still very beautiful.

The woman in a gold 2015

Woman in Gold

15 films about women with strong character

The main character (Helen Mirren) has experienced the pain and separation in their lives. But now she is trying to achieve justice, returning to his family painting by Gustav Klimt. This is a story about the struggle of a woman with a state. The film is about the values ​​and the past, which is to remember and honor.

Mad Max 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road

15 films about women with strong character

Although the film is a man's name, the main character - a woman. Woman in a post-apocalyptic world that has been able to succeed, and then actually raise a revolution. Gorgeous Charlize Theron brought to life the image of angry woman who is looking for his paradise and saves himself from these uneducated fanatical society. And although her eyes so much pain and suffering, and the hand is a metal prosthesis, it is still beautiful and feminine.

Suffragettes, 2015


15 films about women with strong character

Suffragettes - it's not just extremist women threw stones at shop windows. This ordinary woman, loving wife and mother, somebody's daughter. They concern not only the lofty questions of abstract equality, but also the problems that they face every day: the inability to protect themselves from sexual harassment at work and beating the house, lower wages than men for the same work, the lack of rights own child.

Killer 2015


15 films about women with strong character

A policewoman without fear and without reproach accompanied by two Rangers in pursuit of drug traffickers. She is unaware of her impending danger, but even that would not stop it, because it is responsible and adamant in their struggle for justice. Before the heroine of the choice is: talk about lawlessness in which she found herself, and be killed or else to accept and move on.

Joy 2015


15 films about women with strong character

But the premiere next film will have to wait a bit, but, given the nature of the characters and what the actress sang these roles, we could not fail to mention them in this list. At the heart of "Joy" scenario is the history of Joy Mangano, a single mother from Long Island, who invented samootzhimayuschuyusya miracle mop, disappointed in the usual. As a result, she became one of the country's most successful entrepreneurs.

The dressmaker 2015

The Dressmaker

15 films about women with strong character

Glamorous woman returns to his hometown, where left a child after being accused of murder. Villagers at first did not accept it, but gradually she won thanks to the location of the local ladies wit and ability to tailor the perfect outfits. And, yes, the costumes are great, however, as the wonderful Kate Winslet.