In a large family: Maternity tips from Kate Middleton

In a large family: Maternity tips from Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton may rightly be regarded as a modern mother, balancing between family life, career and the perfect way for the public. But there was not a single event, where the Duchess of Cambridge have appeared in improper form. Her style and grace can be an example to all beginners mothers and wives, and photographs showing the happiest moments in the life of representatives of the royal family can be considered as material proof of its female success.

We decided to find out how Kate Middleton combines all important for any modern woman's sphere and no longer remains a favorite of the public for years. In other words, highlight some useful tips for beginners mothers a real example of the Duchess.

1. Do not shift the responsibility for children

Despite the royal tradition of trusted parenting qualified nurses, Kate Middleton insisted that raising children lie completely on her shoulders. Without ceasing to appear in public and participating in important activities of the state, Kate continues to care for her son and daughter.

Even given the fact that the royal family for Charlotte yet hired a nanny, Kate tries as often as possible to spend time with her daughter on their own, giving himself to the maximum during walks and other family entertainment. According to the Duchess, the only way to create a strong bond with the child and to make as much use out of hanging out.

2. The personal lives of their children should be protected

In a large family: Maternity tips from Kate Middleton

Despite the fact that Kate appears frequently with the children in a public place, she knows when to say "no" and how to protect your family from excessive attention of the paparazzi. This Kate helps her husband - Prince William. According to her, to be able to protect their children from unnecessary environment and retain the right to private family space is important not only for women who are actively involved in public life.

3. Happy moments should be photographed

Kate Middleton said that his photography skills it is obliged to frequent use of social networks. According to her, to make successful pictures - is a family affair. The Duchess believes that the photos - an integral part of family life, because they embodied the brightest and happiest moments, which can remember when the children grow up.

Being a wife and mother, Kate believes that it is its responsibility to create a favorable image of the royal family. An excellent example of how a woman seeks to share the joy, but at the same time protect their loved ones.

4. Interviews with her husband - an important part of life

In a large family: Maternity tips from Kate Middleton

Any young family should be aware of the need to spend time away from the children and household duties, to strengthen their relationship and to maintain the romance and passion. According to Kate, the time spent with her husband - is an important part of life, so you need to appreciate every event and take part in its organization. From the photographs it seems that Kate was very lucky with my husband. Prince William and his wife appear at events such as the basketball game, the premiere of the film in the middle of the week and even the discovery of the local pub. Regular visits without children help to support marriage and the relationship between the spouses. This council should take note.

5. There is nothing wrong with that, to move to a quieter place

Kate and William are doing a lot to keep his personal life away from the social bustle. According to Keith, the move to the suburbs can give children the opportunity to enjoy their childhood, because in such places is always a lot of useful lessons that they can get excited about.

The move does not mean that the youth came to an end and now you have to sit at home all the time. Active life for themselves and their children can be arranged both in the city and in the city, but if you get the chance to change the concrete jungle on a quiet and picturesque suburbs, do not be afraid to use it.

6. Between you and the relatives of the husband should be the line

In a large family: Maternity tips from Kate Middleton

For Kate Middleton family visits - it is almost a rule. It is necessary to distinguish between the responsibilities of mother and the desire of the royal family to solve all the problems on their own. Let Kate and William's mother allowed to take her home from the hospital rather than to hire a chauffeur, but Christmas children meet with Kate's parents. Of course, in a situation where you are - the Duchess, which is necessary to comply with centuries-old traditions of the royal family, to make such decisions is very difficult, but Kate is standing on his own. To conflicts between family members did not bring harm to your family life, you must install the inviolable rules and take responsibility for themselves in many ways.

7. But do not neglect the means of

Despite the fact that Catherine - strong and confident mother, she did not hesitate to take in order to seek advice as early as his mother or take help from loved ones. Do not neglect the care and charge with absolutely everything on their shoulders. Very often, advice or comment parents help strengthen not only family, but also a romantic life. Kate believes that the modern mother should trust your family and be able to delegate the chores without any harm to his own family.