What can teach a child to a single mother

What can teach a child to a single mother

A single mother - this is not always the victim of a divorce or a failed relationship. In today's world, women are increasingly choosing independent education of children, refusing to label "inferior family." Indeed, a truly independent woman can raise a child without a father, and, besides, there are many examples where single parents remained or become fathers themselves. We decided to find out with what can teach a child to a single mother, and what lessons can bring a style of life.

1. How to count money

One of the most important things that should understand a single mother - a budget planning, as an independent child-rearing can be very difficult from a financial point of view. But the ability to properly allocate costs and to provide children with a happy childhood and adulthood - it is a real work that requires professionalism. The independence enjoyed by a single mother does not necessarily have to talk about what a woman can and should educate children herself, but how to properly organize their own spending money, like mother, you can learn.

2. The family - is the most important

Regardless of the reasons why you are raising a child on their own, the family feeling of integrity is important for its development.

What would an experienced and independent or a woman, every child needs to realize that his family is high-grade, and all its members stick together.

But it was a single mother can teach your child the importance of close and caring, as she has to combine everything that is usually a child receives from his father.

3. Divorce is not always a problem for children

There is a firmly established belief that children of divorced parents have a host of facilities and imperfections which prevent them from advancing in life, creating their own families and the establishment of "a normal person" in principle. Raising a child alone, the woman should take care of that this belief has not become a kind of a curse, because it is only partially justified.

A single mother can and should instill in your child the responsibility for their actions, and not the failure of parents and in every way to protect him from possible adverse effects of a failed marriage. Each family member is going through a divorce in different ways, and the less dramatic the parents serving on the event, the more smoothly the process of reconciliation takes place the child with the absence in his life, one of the parents.

4. Independence

What can teach a child to a single mother

The behavior of parents and their life's aspirations can inspire children to their own aspirations. In addition to financial independence, there is also the ecstasy that comes with the realization of their independence and power. Everyday life without the support of men can make you a role model for your child. That is why it is necessary to share with the children your feelings about it, so that they understand the charm of independence and learn to rely on themselves.

5. Remember own happiness

A single mother at all should not be left alone for the sake of the children and their comfort. If you are alone, but did not want to give up on personal life, you must remember that your happiness is also important. Be sincere with yourself and with your children, give them time to get used to your partner, protect them from possible emotional and physical harm, but do not sacrifice themselves. Thanks to this position in life can teach children a lesson and teach them to value their own happiness and the happiness of their loved ones, to develop a healthy altruism and rational look at parting, after which it is possible to fall in love ever again.

6. How to treat women

Education alone can be a great occasion for your child to learn how to treat people, especially women. Setting an example for independent, strong personality, but it is still a man with weaknesses and problems, you form some conception of the child in mind. Treat yourself with respect and love, do not change their moral principles. Explain to your child how things work, and why do you feel. A man should not pay for dinner, but he might want it, exactly the same as a woman can feel quite comfortable paying the bill yourself.

If the child has no opportunity to learn from the example of his father's actions, show him how to do right, respectively, referring to herself and to him.

7. How to build relationships

Relationship - a two-way street, in which not only women should have a special relationship, but also men. Each partner is entitled to their opinions, desires and needs care. A single mother does not inspire the child negative emotions to the opposite sex because of some reason, she was left alone. On the contrary, you must explain to your child the positive and negative aspects of human relationships, show that each is responsible for co-happy. Raising a child on their own, we can show what it means to put a loved one priority, and why it is needed.

8. Single parent - is priceless

Despite the fact that the vast majority of single parents - are women, and there are single fathers who have to have both parents at the same time to bring up their children. In a single parent, you can learn how important it is to do everything that depends on you, in all circumstances. To raise children on their own - a true labor, and many children who grow up in such families are able to appreciate such efforts are better than others.