6 tips about parenting from Victoria Beckham

6 tips about parenting from Victoria Beckham

in Business, designer, socialite diva, style icon, a mother of four children - Victoria Beckham manages to combine a lot of different roles and cope with all of them. We tell you about parenting principles that Victoria uses in his life.

1. Be an example

Victoria and David Beckham own business, and they regularly participate in charitable projects, giving a lot of strength and energy of social work. Despite the fact that the Beckhams are able to provide children with a luxurious life that the couple, in fact, makes it important to instill in his sons and daughters the right attitude to work.

They attract children to the charity to show by example, how important public service obligations. So, in May of this year, when David was playing in a charity match for the "Manchester United" in the event the whole family Beckham was involved.

In an interview with Grazia Victoria said that she is not only important to teach children to work hard, but also to show that all that they have - a great privilege, which should be shared with others.

We have David and strong work ethic, and I think this is a good example for our children, - says Mrs. Beckham. - David and explain to the children what a privileged life they lead. We tell them that in many cities, children are hungry, homeless and sick. They all understand the importance of helping others.

When talking about their only daughter Harper, Victoria has a special council. In an interview with Elle businesswoman she said that instills the idea that the girl's appearance - not the main thing:

6 tips about parenting from Victoria Beckham

I tell her: "Harper, it's not about who is the most beautiful girl in the class, not even about who the smartest girl in the class, and who is the sweetest and the most hard-working girl in the class. I do not like it too much attention to their appearance.

2. Manners are very important

Beckhams really work hard on the image, for 20 years they have managed to make his family a real brand. Victoria and David - style icons and their desire for elegance is manifested not only in appearance but also in behavior. They value their position in society, especially after approached the British royal family and were guests at the wedding of Prince William and Harry.

It is not surprising that Beckham is important that children have been brought up in the future do not spoil for years to build a reputation as a family. Victoria does not hide that he pays a lot of attention to their manners. As she admitted once the show "Good Morning Britain":

For me and for David it is important our children to have good manners.

3. Spending time together

6 tips about parenting from Victoria Beckham

We have already told you in detail about the daily routine of Victoria Beckham. Despite the enormous time, and David try to be sure to spend time with children and alone with each other.

I am happy that I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful, healthy, happy children, - said Victoria in an interview with Grazia. - Yes, we are constantly on the move because of our businesses and charitable projects. But we always take time to each other as a couple and as a family.

For example, the other day, along with Romeo Beckhams sons Cruz and daughter Harper rest of Miami. The eldest son - 30-year-old Brooklyn - stayed at home in London. The father of the family shared in his microblog pictures as they are with children ride down the hills in the water park, go fishing off the boat and visit with Eva Longoria.

4. It is important to be strict, but not overwhelm the child

Victoria does not hide the fact that they are quite strict with the children. She is convinced that the boundaries and rules are important in education and in the longer term will bring huge benefits. Mrs Beckham said in an interview with E News: We are strict with the children. You must be strict, but at the same time allow them to have fun and express themselves.

5. Try not to prohibit but to offer an alternative to

In an interview with Elle Victoria said that bans lead to rebellious behavior in children. Restrictions may push them to do exactly what you do not want. According to Beckham, it is much more productive to explain to children how to behave and not to repeat all the time, what not to do.

I think it leads to a correct balance, their scents and does not lead to rebellion.

6 tips about parenting from Victoria Beckham

6. Education is important, but without excessive pressure

Balance is important not only in manners and behavior, but also in school, Victoria said. In an interview she told me that education in their home paid much attention, but she considers the study as an extension of children's rights and opportunities, and not as a way to pressure.

Very few kids want to do homework! I think it is important that they tried their best. But, especially in London, there is a lot of pressure on children academically, training and competition for school places. This, of course, has its advantages, but you can also alienate the child from learning. I do not know if doing the right thing, but for me it comes to empowerment, opportunities and support for children.