The seventh in line to the throne: what kind of life are choosing relatives of British monarchs

In May, the British royal family has replenished per person - Meghan Markle and Prince Harry became parents. Kid Archie finished seventh in line to the throne. This means that to become the king he is unlikely shines - he is not even in the direct line of succession, unlike their cousins: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Archie will choose whether publicity or prefer life of an ordinary Briton, one can only speculate. Heroine decided to see how the other members of the British royal family, not too close to the throne, realize their potential.

Lady Sarah Chatto and David Armstrong-Jones

The seventh in line to the throne: what kind of life are choosing relatives of British monarchs

The younger sister of Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret, have two children - daughter Sarah and son David. Margaret was once a famous party girl. Because of the extravagant behavior - visiting London clubs and high-profile romances - she was constantly in the media spotlight, which is dubbed Margaret "rebellious princess".

However, children Margaret not known to the general public. At the time of the birth of Sarah, as they are now a child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, he was seventh in line to the throne, and at the moment it is the 24th.

Sarah was brought up in Kensington Palace, participated in major events in the life of the royal family, for example, was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer. She also appears on the social events, but generally has a fairly normal life and often becomes an occasion for discussion. Sarah graduated from the University, became a professional artist, married (quite modest by royal standards) and gave birth to two sons. Sarah's brother David was born fifth in line to the throne, and he is now 21st. He is best known as a designer and entrepreneur: in 1985, David founded his company for the production of exclusive furniture. In 2017, the Queen's nephew, inherited the title of Earl of Snowdon.

If you follow the example of Archie nephews Elizabeth II, the then can get a royal upbringing, but as an adult to choose the career you wish, and to lead a more private life than his parents.

Tindoll Zara and Peter Phillips

The seventh in line to the throne: what kind of life are choosing relatives of British monarchs

Zara and Peter - children Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth's daughter. Anna and her ex-husband Mark Phillips refused to use titles for their children, although the queen offered to make them a prince and princess. As Tindoll admitted (second in line to the throne at birth and 18th now) in the Times interview in 2015:

I was very fortunate that both my parents have decided not to use the title, and we grew up and did everything we could.

In her case, all - is to become a silver Olympic champion in equestrian sports personality of 2006 at the BBC version and receive the Order of the British Empire for success in equestrian sport. In addition, Zara - the first member of the British royal family, who starred in commercials.

The seventh in line to the throne: what kind of life are choosing relatives of British monarchs

It is not that Zara completely ignores royal duties - she constantly appears at charity events and participates in fund raising.

As for Peter (fifth in the line of succession at birth and the 15th is now) - this is the first grandson of Elizabeth II. It is known that after graduation he worked as a manager of sales of cars "Jaguar", then the manager of the team, "Formula 1" "Williams". Since 2005, Peter worked at the Royal Bank of Scotland. Zara and Peter is still very close to the royal family, and appear on the joint activities, but generally lead privacy.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie

Beatrice and Eugene - daughter of Queen Elizabeth II's son Andrew, 9th and 10th in line to the throne, respectively. Yet these are the only granddaughter of Queen, which were built in the title of princess and Their Royal Highnesses, which, however, only adds to their life problems.

The seventh in line to the throne: what kind of life are choosing relatives of British monarchs

The two girls - are not full-time royal, that is, do not perform royal duties full time and lack of related privileges. Each one builds his own career: Beatrice serves as an independent business consultant and is vice president of the New York company; Eugene works in an art gallery.

Beatrice said in an interview with British Vogue, to live in such a status it is not easy with her sister:

We - the young women who are building a career, have a personal life, but at the same time we - the princess, who often find themselves in front of everybody.

As far as the public is Archie adult life, it is difficult to imagine. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry want the boy to be free from unnecessary attention, it is known that they had decided to give up the title for your child following the example of Princess Anne. However, while Megan and Harry are the most popular couple in the world, Archie the baby is unlikely to be noticeable.