How to instill in children a love of walks and distract from the iPad?

One of the problems of the parent - child, his nose buried in your phone or tablet. But what wonder if we ourselves can not break away from the clock gadget, thus showing a bad example for children. your child's future - in your hands, and Heroine will tell you how to instill child love outdoor games, healthy life without dramas and tantrums.

The material we have prepared together with the company iconBIT, which encourages children and parents to an active life and manufacturability. It produces more manageable electric transport, ensuring safe driving and helps us to be more mobile and stay in the trend. IconBIT also supports family values ​​and produces a technique with which you can establish a strong emotional bond with their children. Today we tell about UNICORN scooter - an excellent example of how modern technology bring people together and make their lives better.

How to instill in children a love of walks and distract from the iPad?

Scientists have proved that the scooter can be an excellent alternative to virtual reality, which will encourage your child to go out more often, and this is not its only advantage. In 2015, bottling of Toro, a professor at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, published a study on how electric transportation and affects the development of the child's ability. Here are a few domestic arguments to make such a gift to the child:

Your child will be in good shape without any danger to health

Riding a scooter is comprehensive: it strengthens virtually all the muscles of the body, develops a vestibular mechanism and coordination. In addition, it is much easier and safer bike, because it does not violate the bloodstream due to the lack of a solid seat, gaining a lower speed, as in the case of loss of balance gives the child the ability to quickly jump off the steps, putting on the ground with both feet. But even if the child falls - strong bruises or injuries, he did not get, but it is better to err and to buy him a helmet and knee pads. Fear for the uneven development of the calf muscles is also not worth it, usually the children themselves periodically alternate between active legs, when one of them gets tired.

How to instill in children a love of walks and distract from the iPad?

find yourself real friends

Scooter - not just a fascinating toy, but also an effective way to find friends on the basis of public interest. Once on the street gets warmer, children are more likely to be selected into the yard, taking the scooters. They ride along the paths, learning new tricks and riding a race suit. So they learn faster, get used to each other, to communicate more with pleasure flee into the street to drive on the first call peers, leaving gadgets on the table.

to learn how to make decisions

Riding a scooter involves critical thinking, helping the child to learn to make decisions quickly and to weigh all the possible options. During the movement of the baby should always think through their actions in advance, and it is desirable to do it quickly. Understand where the slow speed, when to stop and where to turn right now to overcome the obstacles in time. By learning to control the scooter, it will not only be able in the future to find quicker way out of difficult situations, but also improve attention and cultivate one's adequate behavior on the road.

How to instill in children a love of walks and distract from the iPad?

You will be able to spend with them more quality time

Scooter - is not only an opportunity to encourage the child to walk more and exercise, but also a way to get close to him emotionally. You can ride together in the yard, walk the dog, go for a visit. In addition, the scooter - a great opportunity for you to relax. Just sit in the courtyard and admire their baby from afar. If you come to the park - bring your scooter. The child will be easier to move, it will be less tired and love long walks - thanks to a practical toy, maybe you no longer hear the mournful "go home."

What you need to know about the scooter iconBIT:

How to instill in children a love of walks and distract from the iPad?

Compact and lightweight (4.7 kg.) Electric scooter wheels c comfortable and well-designed is designed for children aged 5-10 years.

Certified European motor-assist system ensures maximum comfort and safety: the motor starts only when the child is standing on the platform with the sensor-activator and has already gained the necessary speed for itself. If the child slows down or jumps with scooter platform, the motor is switched off immediately.

Children from 5 years old, has already had experience of riding on the usual scooters, a few minutes learn "electric novelty."

Due thoughtful settings scooter, a child can ride only on the engine power, drive speed in this mode is limited to 6 km / h. The device motivates efforts - pushing the scooter as simple a child can develop a speed of 10-12 km / h. This dynamic is interesting to ride the kid, and my parents still can easily catch up with him. Child gets the necessary exercise and the opportunity to drive through 3-4 times more distance than a conventional scooter. Battery lasts for 6-8 km for a 6-year-old child weighing 30 kg. Real travel distance depends on the child's weight, terrain and load conditions on the engine (speed and dynamics of the trip). Order scooter