How to make their lives as comfortable as possible after birth

Birth of a child - it's a great joy, which comes even greater responsibility. Schedule of the day instantly changes: you try not to deviate from the child, and time for yourself is almost gone. For this reason, the majority of young mothers quickly fall into a depression, become irritable, or lose interest in life. Heroine will tell you how to act, so that your life does not turn into an endless cycle of urgent matters and responsibilities.

to rest more

How to make their lives as comfortable as possible after birth

Being a mom is tedious, especially the first few months after birth. In the stream of daily worries you risk to lose itself, and the main thing that should be in a child - it rested and full of mom forces. It is not necessary to move away from the child, to carve out a moment to rest. Pillow for feeding Boppy - a useful gadget that will allow you to take a comfortable position and your hands free during the initiation of breastfeeding.

Placing it under the waist, you can remove the load from the muscles in the arms, back and neck, keep the health of the spine, and if you want - read a book, to paint on an easel or check your emails on the computer.

Do not forget the beauty of

How to make their lives as comfortable as possible after birth

To be a good mother - not to give herself to the child, sacrificing their own interests. The monotony of everyday parenting tires, so allow yourself a little joy to uplift your mood. Periodically spoil yourself master classes, shopping or trips to the spa, leaving the child to dad, grandma or the nurse.

The child did not go hungry, use a breast pump Natural Feeling. It is made of high quality materials, do not change the composition of milk and do not carry the danger to the child. With it you can safely express milk, stock up on them for the next feeding, and as a bonus - to stay mobile. Just advance to prepare a bottle of milk, and feel free to go about their business.

to arrange meetings with friends

How to make their lives as comfortable as possible after birth

The birth of a child - not a reason to part with friends. All of you can also spend time together, only a few companies updated. The best way to unwind - go to fresh air.

With a stroller DUO BEST FRIEND you can take your child to the street in the first month of his life. Gather everything you need in a stroller and invite the friends to walk together - will be useful to both you and your child. As long as the baby is asleep, you can walk on a favorite park or sit in a cafe and discuss exciting topics and heartily laugh at life's problems.


How to make their lives as comfortable as possible after birth

Traveling with a baby, too, is possible, but be ready to face some difficulties. Yes, it's a change of scenery and new experiences, but the routine is unlikely to be very different from what you're used to at home.

If the child is very small, to sleep off is unlikely to succeed, with limitless shopping or hiking in the mountains also will have to wait, but you can afford to go out and enjoy the beautiful views.

If you go by car, be sure to take a seat. So you will be assured safety of the child, and at the same time you will avoid unnecessary expenses for non-compliance. Choose a chair with side protection, and durable seat belts as the model Fold & Go i-Size, - this will protect the baby's body and head from bumps and bruises and just make his first journey comfortable.

to arrange family breakfasts

How to make their lives as comfortable as possible after birth

Make it a rule to organize daily family breakfast since morning - the perfect option when you can get everyone together and spend time with his new family. Place the child on an adjustable highchair Polly Magic Relax - so he will be able to feel a full member of the family while dining on par with you, and from an early age accustomed to the tradition of positive communication at the same table.

Gradually, the child will understand that he is not only a mother, and learn to appreciate both parents for what they find interesting way to spend time with his family.

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