Why are you not ready to have children, even if you think it's time

Even if all of a sudden you feel like your biological clock ticking (which in general is rather a myth than a real phenomenon), it does not mean that you really stands now become a mother. Heroine gathered a few reasons that should delay the thought of the children, at least temporarily, even if you think you're ripe.

Your career in priority

Why are you not ready to have children, even if you think it's time

You can refer to his career very seriously, think about how to get a raise, how to expand their capabilities, how to establish a relationship with the leadership - and this is extremely praiseworthy. But what is the likelihood that you will be able to combine such a serious work and motherhood? Is your child fit mom, he sees only in photographs or phoned in feystayme?

On the relationship's complicated

One of the most popular misconceptions is found everywhere, even in 2019 - the birth of the child does not improve your relationship. No worse than the reason why two people can have a child - to save her marriage, went to pieces. Not only that, your problem will not go away, you will have new conflicts in the care of a child, and even if you get a little leeway, sooner or later, your life together will become unbearable.

With regards all too well

Oddly enough, but if you now to be perfect together - this may also be the reason why should postpone family planning. Try to enjoy your relationship, without adding to the life of the stress associated with parenting. You will always have enough time to become parents, especially if you consult in advance with experts in reproduction.

Why are you not ready to have children, even if you think it's time

You are too fond of coffee

This reason is not exactly turn out to voice their friends asked why you do not have children, but it can be a major part affecting your status. If you are a true coffee addict and is not ready to reduce the consumption of substances harmful to the child - birth can not be the one thing is to think of right now. The same goes for alcohol and cigarettes - if you did not think about how it will be difficult to abandon these dangerous for the pleasures of life?

You're a hypochondriac

If you are too worried about their health, with high probability it is a matter of great anxiety. To have a child - it means to face the nine-month pregnancy, which greatly affects your body. You will be unfamiliar to all the feelings, and you'll be constantly worrying about what's going on - and these emotional surges do not need a child in your womb.

Do you want to do so, as it is

Another disgusting idea to have a child - to follow the opinion of that at your age it is time to become a mother. Women can give birth to healthy children and in the later stages of his life, and with the development of new technologies strap for safe childbirth regularly increases. The fact that you reached a certain figure, does not mean that you have to be a mother, so try to ignore the unwelcome opinions that others of what you do.

Do not know how to save

Why are you not ready to have children, even if you think it's time

To bring the new person in this world is really expensive, and if now you are struggling to make ends meet, do not really worth it. Saying "God sent the hare, and the lawn will send" never justified, so if you really want to become a mother, you should first develop healthy habits in relation to finance. The presence of some savings and you will be safe in emergency situations, and when you've got a small child - they can be really a lot.

Too love to plan

If you pay a lot of attention to creating healthy habits, planning every step and clearly know how to spend the next weekend - you can be extremely hard to be a mother. Children turn over the entire life upside down, and if the deviation from the planned causes you stress, it makes sense to put off the thought of the children, and instead think about consulting a physician.

You do not like to take responsibility

It is one thing - to care for house plant or a puppy, totally different - for another person who needs you around the clock. There is nothing wrong in the fact that you are not attracted to the idea, and you're definitely not selfish, if not yet ready to take care of someone. Some people just do not want to educate people, and it is absolutely normal, and you should not shy away from such feelings and to take high risks.

Many traveling

Why are you not ready to have children, even if you think it's time

If you're travel-blogger, or you just can not even be in the same season and the same city, the children do not exactly fit into your normal life. Kids need stability and a permanent home, especially if they are too young to have their nervous system to adapt. The wider the range of your travel - the more it is the reason for not having children right now.

represents only an ideal picture of

When people dream of young children, they usually represent idillichcheskie situation filled with happiness - that you play with him in Lego, that you learn to cook toast, here you are walking along in the water park. But if you imagine just hilarious situations and do not think about what will happen between them - you are not ready to actually become a mother. You can not focus only on glossy version from time to time motherhood is a serious challenge. To become a good mother, you have to be ready for anything - both good and bad like the prolonged flu.

What scares you is the thought of motherhood?