7 things which is to refuse to live consciously

Happy life does not fall from the sky - the ability to enjoy every day is produced deep inside every human being. But in order to make room for success - you need to get rid of some bad habits. We have collected several popular issues because of which you can not live consciously, to be healthy and stable stand on their own feet.

1. Baggage to the previous

7 things which is to refuse to live consciously

What we do not teach anyone: everything bad that happens to you, you need to go through and let go. Each of us should find his own method, which would help to do it in every situation: sometimes it can be a simple ritual, sometimes - help the therapist.

Focus on how to recover from his injuries, to understand why this situation occurred and what you can do in the future so that this does not happen again. At the same time it is not necessary to take responsibility for the bad actions of others, and remember that in any situation of violence is not to blame the victim, and abyuzer.

2. Wines

Whenever you're not ready to reconsider their own actions and do not want to put up with what is going on - you have to shift the responsibility to the people around, or even fate, and it is very toxic habit.

At the same time some of the bad things other people do not have to be in your area of ​​responsibility. Your reaction to the fact that someone has acted badly, has no relation to the incident. You can be angry and upset all you want, but it does not change what happened - and you do not need to correct the mistakes of others.

3. The constant search for love

Many people want to meet a lot of love, but with such a fixation on the result they are unlikely to achieve this. More likely, it will create only chaos that would be a rewarding experience, but not love.

Stop looking for his soul mate and concentrate on how to live one's own life as a single man. Think about whether you really want a relationship or you just been told that life consists only of finding a partner?

4. Expectations

Nobody and nothing ever has to other people, even parents. This does not mean that we can not ask each other support and assistance, but do not expect that other people have to do something just because you - a good man. Expectations from others serve you bad service, so stop demand from the care and kindness of others.

5. Beliefs and installation

Your parents taught you to look at the world through a certain belief system and our own experience. This does not mean that he is - the only correct, and from time to time necessary to analyze how useful is what you taught. Not necessarily the values ​​that inspire you, may be applicable to you, your character and purposes, and it may be that parents install prevent you succeed in life. If so - Think about how to eliminate these beliefs, so as not to impede progress.

Remember that your parents belong to another generation - they are not taught to care for themselves, they may not be able to solve their own problems with psychological health and are even able to build a toxic relationship. But this does not mean that the parents did not love you, and if you refuse their plants does not mean that you do not love them back.

6. The attachment

True love - the feeling of freedom in the world, but many people are starting to use their attachment as an anchor, securing at the same place. Remember that you can be in love, much to invest in relationships and many of them receive, but do not have a heavy attachment.

People often confuse the need to love, because then begin to put pressure on partners, expecting more from them. Sets conditions - so needs to be controlled for the sake of feeling their own safety, and do not feel light and bright feeling, which can be enjoyed.

7. Emotional solutions

Our body is like a huge radio, constantly giving us information and responds to proiskhodyashee around with the help of emotions. Our senses - this feeling, based on the thoughts, and they can also be unhealthy. It should accept that sometimes your feelings are simply useless. What is good to know if you change your thoughts, then they, too, will change for the better.

And from what bad habits recently got rid of you?