That you can understand only with experience

In school we were first taught a lesson and then given a test to check. In life, the opposite is true: you get a test of who brings an important lesson. No matter what is your education, experience and wisdom are formed only from the lived experience. I have collected 15 of things, the idea of ​​which only varies with time.

1. An important objective of

"Anyone who has a reason to live can bear almost anything."

- Friedrich Nietzsche

That you can understand only with experience

You can graduate from the university with honors and have a great career, but still risking feel inadequate, when you understand that it is important not education, and your goal. The lack of aspirations and ambitions in life can not compensate for a diploma, and even a lot of money does not bring pleasure, if you work only for them.

2. How to be independent

To find yourself, know thyself.

- Socrates

To learn how to be independent, you need some time to be dependent. Once you realize that your own happiness - independent work. We grow up and the natural dependence may be replaced by an artificially created, and all because we are afraid to be alone against the whole world. Better be ready.

3. You can not control time of

Life teaches us that you're not always going to get what you want. Very much in this world does not depend on us, especially time. No matter how good time management skills and intuition, you can not control the course of events all the time. It is better to relax and manage their emotions, expecting the same this time prepared a life for you.

4. How to be patient

"You can have it all. Just not all at once. "

- Oprah Winfrey

That you can understand only with experience

If you can not control time, then you need to be patient to get what you want. Life has no specific timeline, which is set teacher. You must be able to wait and believe that your desires will be fulfilled, when you're ready for it.

5. How to survive the failure of

Success is not final, failure is not an end: only the courage to continue the path is set.

- Winston Churchill

When you get a bad grade in school, it was easily possible to compensate, to make greater efforts in preparation for the next test. In adult life, the failure can deprive a good opportunity or even put all that you have done, derailed. But the failure - just a part of life, and success always comes after a series of falls.

6. We all need love

Deeply loved one, you get the power, and the love towards the other gives courage.

- Lao Tzu

Not love for puppies or study; We need true love, which is reflected in the support, respect and passion. No one teaches you how to find love and how to love, it is necessary to comprehend it all yourself. But a wise man once said that love can not be found, it can only be built.

7. Life is hard

"Once we realize that life is complicated, once we truly understand and accept it, it becomes easier."

- Scott Peck

That you can understand only with experience

When you become an adult, comes the realization that life will not be easy. We can not say: "It's just a complicated term, it will be over soon, and no longer have to think about it." Responsibilities over the years only grows.

8. The heart hardens, if you end up in the wrong place

Maturity, as it turns out - is all that is associated with the adoption of "ignorance."

- Mark Danilevsky

You can not quite choose the career and the wrong partner, will endure insult and cease to believe in happiness. But over time, you will understand why all this was necessary. Broken heart - this is the lesson that you need to understand and learn once and for all.

9. The choice is always

In the end, it was a choice you made, and no matter how hard it was to make. It is important that you have this resolved.

- Cassandra Clare

We can not control everything, but we always have a choice. It lies in how to respond to the world around, whether to allow the circumstances to determine who we are, or believe in yourself no matter what what.

10. Everyone needs help sometimes

"The Lord gave us the tears to other people to see that we need help, and help us."

- Jocelyn Jackson

That you can understand only with experience

No matter how much you own and independently, once you need help. No one is immune from disappointment and grief, and sometimes hard to find the strength to rise. Life teaches that it is impossible to do it alone, even if you try again and again.

11. All temporarily

Everything in life is temporary. If all goes well, enjoy it, because it will not last forever. And if something goes wrong, do not worry, it's not forever.

Pain - this is temporary. Sense of time, even our stay on this planet is temporary. Therefore, we must do everything possible to be happy here and now, to realize their potential and not fall victim to negative emotions.

12. Nothing is impossible

If there is anything you can not afford, do not think that it is impossible for man. But if anything is possible for humans and tend to him, I believe that it is available and you.

- Marcus Aurelius

Life is complicated and extremely fascinating. In an instant, it can provide an excellent opportunity that will change everything. Be open to get closer to his dream. 13. Never hold on plans

"If you want God laugh, tell him your plans."

- Woody Allen

That you can understand only with experience

is good to have a plan on how you want to look like in 5 or 10 years, but do not get too attached to it, because we are changing, and our aspirations are also changing. Life teaches us that it is necessary to have a plan b, c and d.

14. You need to look fear in the face of

Do not be afraid of their fears. They should not scare you. It is for you to know what it's worth.

- S. DzhoyBell S.

Life teaches that at some point you can meet with frightening things: losing loved ones, say goodbye to the good work, to go far away from home. You can not simply avoid the fear of their own, so you should learn to deal with it and move forward.

15. You must love the way you are

If you are low-rate yourself, be sure the world will not raise your price.

If you want to make your life better, to love yourself. Of course, not narcissistic, and compassionate. You need to let go of your mistakes and failures, to believe in their own strength, even if others do not believe in you. You must learn to move away from the people who hurt, and take care of themselves, because even if you do not love yourself why others should do it?