7 signs that you ought to change your life

Most of us are compelled to define their way of life in his youth: at the time of selection of the Faculty for admission. Many years later, what seemed like a dream can turn into a boring, all-consuming force routine. Here's how to understand what you ought to reconsider the priorities and change something.

1 repeats the assertion, that do not believe in

7 signs that you ought to change your life

Regularly repeating positive statements, you can improve your mood and even change the way of thinking, but only if you do it consciously. You can not be a positive, mechanically reproducing memorized phrases. Want to use a mantra in my life, formulates them clearly. Examples we have already given you inspirational affirmation of famous people.

It's not just a mantra. In our lives and without them completely memorized the words to which we do not believe. "I have to stay in this job because it gives me a steady income," "I am satisfied with their relationships, because many do not have, and this" - these phrases can be true or an excuse to not to change anything.

Listen to yourself to see what words you often say to yourself, and how sincerely they believe.

2. trust others more than myself

We often trust intuition and inner voice, when we know that doing the right thing. If you start to doubt yourself and appreciate the opinions of others more than his own, most likely, you're off course.

Feel insecure in front of something unknown - normally. But if you constantly need someone's approval, perhaps you will no longer feel that you live your life.

3. If you can not say that you really like the

7 signs that you ought to change your life

The answer to the question "What are you keen on?" Or "what inspires you?" Will help define the priorities and understand the meaning of your life right now. It can change - it is a normal part of the inner growth.

If you hesitate to say that you really like and motivates most likely you ignore their needs. You can not assume that you live your life as long as you do not know what it should be.

4. You wake up with the stress

We all have moments of apathy when it comes to persuade yourself to get out of bed, but if every day - and it is a challenge to overcome, it is necessary to change something.

Notice that often sick, tend to avoid people, work, or certain situations in life: you obviously uncomfortable in his life. "Bite the bullet and endure" - a useful practice, but only when we are not talking about what you face on a regular basis.

Change of scenery - a new job, moving to an apartment or unloved ability to say "no" toxic environment - can radically change your life.

5. feel sorry for yourself, instead of fix

Understand how you control your life, it is possible for that you ask yourself.

What do you say when something goes wrong? "Why me always get into trouble?", "Why me all this?" - a phrase those who are always looking for someone to shove the responsibility for what happens to him. Instead, ask questions that help you to become an active participant in your life, not the victim, "What led to this?", "What can I do to fix it or overcome?".

7 signs that you ought to change your life

6. lost something important

When you lose a part of life, it is easy to feel lost. But troubles give more opportunities for growth than success.

Use deprivation as a way to fill your life with something new. Fired from his job: find a company that will give you more options, or change of profession. I split up with a partner: devote time to self-development and other important things, or take it as a chance to build a healthy relationship.

7. Do you think that life must be adjusted "once and for all"

7 signs that you ought to change your life

The words: "Find your way" inspire us a glimpse of life as something consecutive. Find a business that you manage, and will deal with them at all times. If something does not work, then it is not yours, and the search must continue.

In fact there is no single right script. Feel that the fact that a few years it seemed calling today a comfortable job in which you ceased to evolve, perhaps it's time to change the life and to seek another "their way."