13 evidence, you spineless

Good people - nuggets, which everyone loves, for easy and pleasant to them. But often it is this trait can make you a person who does not appreciate and take for granted. If you do not like conflict, is always ready to help his neighbor, and love others with all your soul, it does not mean that you should become embittered how this flawed world, but perhaps because of your gentleness and kindness are your personal problems and complexes that are pulling you way down. We picked up a few examples of behavior for you, that makes other people to use you for their own purposes. Pay attention to your feelings and stop before it is too late.

1. You do not know how to refuse

13 evidence, you spineless

To deny people - not your style. You much easier to lay on their shoulders more commitments than once denied. You may feel that you're just sweet and always ready to help, but the part you look like a person who has absolutely no character, and whatever you do, people take for granted. Because you are not forced, is not it?

2. You predictable

If people from your environment, especially those whom you love, can predict everything that you do and say, so they will be able to manipulate your feelings and actions in their favor. If you're smart enough, you will feel used, but can not do anything because it's become a habit.

3. You're too cute

Do you love to please, and do not know how to be rude, even if you feel that the person next to you has crossed the border. You may feel that you - the kindest person in this terrible and evil world, but in fact you are an idealist, which is not able to show strength, and it causes people to perceive all your actions for granted, even if they do it subconsciously.

4. Are you putting off important decisions

You are much easier to come up with excuses for his inaction, than to start to solve the problem. It may seem that you are simply looking for an easy way to save the important then, but this is the most spineless way to live.

Your relatives, friends and just people around, seeing as you delay the decisions may perceive you as a weak man, who is very easy to impose their point of view and get him to do what is beneficial to them. Being indecisive, you risk to live by someone else's rules.

5. You can not stand up for themselves

If you know what you take for granted, you must be able to stand up for themselves, because otherwise you risk to be unhappy and disappointed. The feeling that you did not agree, but I could not express my feelings, will eat you from the inside, and nothing good is your softness and unwillingness to conflict will not end.

6. Are you afraid of

You're on a high-profile, power, conflict of people, because they make you feel stress. You can not control them, so they prefer to remain silent, even when you do not agree. You are afraid because they do not sure you can cope with such people, and as a result, you do not respect and use.

7. You're lying to herself

You're fooling yourself, not wanting to believe that someone actually takes you for granted. You make up excuses the actions of other people who make you feel bad. You persuade herself that this man was not trying to hurt you, just that he is most likely right, and you're not. Because of this lie you're doing something that did not want to do, and it breaks down the self-esteem and makes you be the victim of manipulation.

8. You do not believe in yourself

13 evidence, you spineless

Somewhere deep inside you do not believe in yourself. You doubt that is capable of more, and that is worthy of a better life and respect. You keep finding yourself in the minuses, and others represent the benefactors who are living better and smarter. Because of this uncertainty you feel the need constantly to please others, just to be accepted in their society and deserve praise.

9. You can not be alone

Fear of loneliness and responsibility for their own life leads you to what you are much easier to be nice to someone who treats you poorly, you go and be alone. But until then, until you learn to cope with this feeling, you will never get what you want, and people will treat you as convenient to them.

10. You do not know what you want to

Every time you decide to do something for yourself, for example, a new haircut, the first thing that comes into your head - and whether it is your boyfriend or inner circle will approve. You're always trying to please others, simply because you can not please myself, because she does not know what you want out of life, people and myself. You think of your loyalty you will love and appreciate, but people simply feel your lostness and enjoy it.

11. You have low expectations

You do not expect more from people, not fighting for their ideals just because too often disappointed and tired of this feeling. You give people too much to deserve their attention and approval, because you know that the demand is something possible only in the case itself sootvetstvuesh requirements.

This common sense turns into a disaster for you, because it is impossible to get more, if you continue to be satisfied with what we have now. People who are close to you, think again hast thou not required anything, it means that they are ideal and can find fault with you. Hence, there is a feeling that you take for granted.

12. Do you respect everyone, but do not themselves

You so love or care about someone, that for the sake of their happiness is ready to do anything, in spite of their dissatisfaction and confusing feelings. Such loyalty - quality is definitely good, but if you do not respect yourself first, no one will treat you as you would like. Good attitude must be earned and be thankful for the fact that someone close constantly worry about your happiness. If you close your eyes at all, but would not interfere, then people will think that what you give them - this is the norm, not your boundless love that on the road, by the way, is not lying.

13. You give more than you receive

Sometimes it is very difficult to stop and stop to give all of myself to people. Even when you do not get what you want, do you think that making more, you're sure to find a response. And it would have to stop, because you are not obliged to serve others just like that, but our mind remembers what a positive effect exerted on your state of good deeds for others, why do you continue to sacrifice themselves in the hope to experience happiness again. You can be aware of it, but you can just get into the cycle of unrealistic expectations. In any case, you should pay attention to how you relate to others, and stay until things got worse.