8 things that will happen, if you constantly compete with other

8 things that will happen, if you constantly compete with other

What page in the social network or open - all show off their successes. It evokes in us the momentum to begin to compare their achievements with other people, but you can not give in to this desire. Here are a few reasons why you do not need to prove to others what you stand and why you are better than them.

1. You will feel too much stress

Keeping up with all inflyuenserami once - hard work. Yes, this has its advantages, for example, you can broaden your horizons, improve their skills and quality of life. But at some point, it can turn into your second job, and it is not that other, as yet another source of stress. Do yourself a favor and stop worry about what other people think.

2. You will become a different person

8 things that will happen, if you constantly compete with other

Each of us is born with unique characteristics, talents and abilities. It is not about the destination, but there are some areas that you should not do - simply because for them there is no inclination, no love, only a desire to prove to someone that you're the best. In addition, you can be inspired by the examples of other people, but they can not explain to you what they had to go on the road to success.

3. You no longer like things liked before

Once you begin to compete in all the desire to capture it all your life. You will start with a stranger instagramom admiration, and later find that you listen only to the music as the other person, and you will be to prefer the same brand of car, wondering how to sell his "swallow". What you forget is the fact that the neighbor's grass always seems greener.

4. Do not become happy when you reach the dream

Many people think that they will be happy when we get what is at some other happy man. Unfortunately, what we see in social networks - a big lie. It will be very sad if you have to change itself and change everything in your life for someone else's dream realization, and it will not bring you pleasure.

5. Surrounding do not like it

8 things that will happen, if you constantly compete with other

When you constantly compare yourself, your experience, and all that you are doing that make the surrounding, your friends start to avoid you. Quite strange to be with someone who is constantly obsessed with an imaginary match standards and not be myself.

6. You will begin to take inappropriate decisions

Many of those who are constantly comparing ourselves to others, ready for the most inappropriate things, just to get what you want. Someone is lying for the sake of getting a job. Someone found a higher partner status to get into the narrow circle of specialists. Your desire to be the best can blind you and you start doing something for which years later you will be insanely embarrassing.

7. Growing up emotionally unstable children

Most often, this inadequate demand that you always want to compete with the other is not because of your character, but because of the way you were brought up. Maybe your parents constantly compare you with your brothers and sisters? Or with the other children in your class? Yes, it took a long time since, but if you were traumatized by comparing these in childhood, it is not so easily put aside. Such education leads to that and you will compare their children with others - like everything else in your life. But this vicious circle should break if you do not want to be the mother of a man constantly struggling with anxiety and depression.

8 things that will happen, if you constantly compete with other

8. Do not be satisfied with a

People are always comparing themselves with others, they are never happy. And all because the more innovation - the greater the scope for gains. You'll never be the most successful, beautiful, strong or rich, because the finish line does not exist. You'll never get it, then why torment yourself so?

Do you notice the excitement and the desire to outdo all?