8 models of behavior that it is time to grow

I do not think that adult life - a reason to abandon what makes you happy. While the carousel withstand your weight at an amusement park, the fun must go on. Nevertheless, there are habits that make us unhappy. And you, like any mature, self-sufficient woman, it's time to get rid of them.

1. Talk to yourself that you loser

8 models of behavior that it is time to grow

If you are talking to someone else as himself, you would have avoided in the society. Learn to treat yourself like a best friend - with love, approval and support. Be self-deprecating monologue. All the words about how you are not lucky - self-pity. This destructive feeling, so chase him away.

2. Reject compliments

Adequately to accept compliments - characteristic of the mature person and you have time to become her. Engage in debate and convince people that you are much worse than they think - bad form. Moreover, it always looks strained and unnatural.

According to psychologists, people do not take compliments because of low self-esteem, or because they do not believe the man and consider it a manipulator. I think, to distinguish constructive praise from flattery to you is not difficult. A worthy response to the nice words - reserved "thank you." It is time to accept that you deserve compliments and take them for granted.

3. criticize his every photo

8 models of behavior that it is time to grow

Now in the photos where I am 20 years, I see a pretty young girl. While each of these pictures seemed unsuccessful. Probably in 10 years I will also refer to photographs taken today. After a time, if you see them from the side. It turns out that people leaving the compliments in the comments under the photo, looked at me with much more adequate. Why not skip periods of hatred and begin to enjoy yourself right now? In this you will help our proven methods are well prepared in the photo. Remember that the photograph does not reflect you whole. This is just the time, so do not be too strict for him.

4. Compare yourself with others

It is time to realize that we are too individual to compare their own successes and failures with someone else. It is especially difficult to cope with bouts of jealousy, flipping through a social network. We even wrote an article to help you not to get depressed after each viewing Instagrama tape.

Next time, when you start to compare yourself to someone and look for flaws, look only at your life. Is comparable to that which you were 5 years ago, and now - for sure you will understand that it is not standing still. The only person who stands to compete - you yourself. Celebrate your progress, it helps to set realistic goals and celebrate victories, not to devalue themselves.

5. Saying "yes" when you think "no."

8 models of behavior that it is time to grow

After 20 years of life accelerates more and more. You have no more time on something that does not bring joy. Learn to prioritize and to refuse unwanted encounters, not interesting people and meaningless events. Inability to refuse people - one of the errors in communication, which makes you unhappy.

6. Keep to the friendship that brings joy

The ability to let people come with experience. What's wrong with what you're dealt wonderfully in his student days, now if you have nothing more to say to each other. Do not forget that my friends - it is not related, and, fortunately, can be selected. There is no reason to spend time with someone who poisons your existence.

7. excuses men

8 models of behavior that it is time to grow

part with illusions: it is not too busy working, shy of their feelings or do not like to show them in public - it just is not ready for a relationship with you. This conclusion, which you always want to be mistaken, but most often it is true. Enough of running after someone, wait for reciprocity and think why you're still not together. Insist on the real relationship, rather than those that are in your head.

8. idealize the future

The older you get, the more you know - there is no magic time, when things finally fell into place and you're happy. I was waiting for the onset of adulthood, but things get even more complicated and confusing every year. Accept the fact that you can not control everything, and get rid of remorse. Concentrate in the present moment. This would eliminate the misguided expectations.