How to stop thinking that everything around you live better

How to stop thinking that everything around you live better

If in 15 years the reason for envy basically becomes the new clothes or a guy friend, 27 you realize that your odnogodok Pokras stripes - an artist of international renown, 23-year-old Sasha Bortich only five years ago was a waitress, and Lisa Monetochke only 20 years old - and it hurts. Former classmate gave birth to a third, the former odnogruppnitsa rushed to tour around the world, best friend - the editor in chief, and in fact it under a couple of years. It seems that life has developed at all, except for you, and, of course, is not true. Heroine will tell you how to get rid of the idea that the whole world around - wild party and you were not invited.

to learn more about the people

When you know the person closer, you realize that it carries no more than the rest. Simply, he was able to use its power, and you only look to see off the chances.

The vast majority of successful people something to pay for my happiness: hard work, restrictions, risk. Your goal - to look into this side of the coin, but not to gloat, but to look at the adequacy of things.

Esteem more about your favorite blogger or a singer, learn the history of successful women, talk with a classmate, who opened the business, how it is managed. Maybe, upon closer inspection you realize that would not really want to be in their place.

Stop postponing things on the "someday"

How to stop thinking that everything around you live better

Once I learn English, I'll start traveling need to improve on the job, go to the gym - in fact, not. This will never happen, because dreams do not come true, come true only plans. It is easy to hope that something to change your life in the future you will have more time, effort or money. Wait for the right moment - this is nothing more than an excuse.

Start something now, abruptly, without long preparations - and now everything falls into place, your life is no worse than a friend, and that you're a girl, to which the surrounding look with envy.

Get rid of jealousy

Since the basis of jealousy are often problems with self-esteem, it is a toxic feeling extends not only to the relationship with the partner. Hard for you genuinely happy for the successes of loved ones, because the first thought that comes to your mind - why she was able to, and I'm not.

Realize that you have everything you need to be happy, and you are no worse than others. Jealousy will restrain you, so learn to leave destructive thoughts.

Be curious

How to stop thinking that everything around you live better

Envy you fixate on the same idea: Why lucky one, but I do not; why Skriptonit 28 years gathering halls, and I can not muster the will in a fist and start running; it's too late to look for themselves and achieve something. Get rid of the feeling that the best life is passing, curiosity helps.

Look at things more closely. Colleague actually works better than you? How did he do it? What do you need to change to get the same result? Once you overcome by jealousy, nagging and disables plug curiosity. So you stop feeling sorry for yourself, and maybe even begin to act.

are dosed presence in social networks

With spying for someone else's life need not be less accurate than with smoking or alcohol. Many people like to drink on weekends, but you do realize that if you do this every day, start problems.

If the wine or beer is relaxing and uplifting, instagrama tape makes us feel depressed and lonely. Even if you drink Insta vino, keep the psychological balance is unlikely, so take advantage of our tips on how to use social networks and do not go crazy with envy.

Be grateful for what you have

How to stop thinking that everything around you live better

In this world there is always someone better than you would be, and some worse. You can be jealous of the first to assert themselves at the expense of the second, but it's better to enjoy what you have.

If someone stands and compare myself, then himself. Maybe five years ago, you wanted to make myself not to ask for money from their parents, but today noesh you need back to work and do not notice how it kayfovo - be self-sufficient.

You probably never be completely happy with my life, but this does not mean that you can not relax and enjoy it.

often catch myself thinking that someone's life was going better than you?