What to do, when it seems that it is not developing in career

After one and a half or two years of work in the same place often comes a lull - you've fully adapted, feel comfortable, and everyday tasks are carried out almost mechanically. Together boredom comes with confidence. You grow out of his office, but new peaks on the horizon until the loom. We explain how to use this period productively and not to fall into despair.

Visualize your future growth

What to do, when it seems that it is not developing in career

The best time to look for work - when it do not even need. You can adequately assess their capabilities, the conditions of different companies, the market situation and deliberately look for something that you'll like.

This does not mean that it's time to upload resume on the Internet. Even if you are satisfied until the company where you are, look at other organizations. Find out how they come to work and what are the conditions offered to employees.

Maybe you have a vacancy dreams, which you still do not dare to apply. Begin to prepare for it, to master the skills that are lacking for the new position.

Rate yourself, it will help determine the goals. Ask colleagues that, in their opinion, it is possible you best, and compare whether these qualities coincide with what you like to do.

Try to imagine what would you like to see yourself in 5-10 years. Decide what you can do now to realize their expectations in life.

to develop social communication

What to do, when it seems that it is not developing in career

The easiest way to acquire useful contacts at a time when you are more confident and stable. This allows you to be yourself and communicate with people just like that, and not because you need something from them. You can be sincere, and it impresses others.

Communicate with new people, strengthen relationships with colleagues from other departments. Establishments friendly contact with someone from the adjacent areas to meet different users. You never know which of these people will be useful in the future, so invest in social relations.


When you already know so well their work, everyday tasks that do not take away all the time and effort, spend a vacant energy on self development. Perhaps it is necessary to deepen their competence or to obtain additional skills outside of your office.

Do you want to learn new skills, offer to someone of his colleagues to help. So you get more experience and improve its reputation.

If the company is not ready to support your desire to grow, to learn more about the profession as a whole: look for courses, specialized literature. No new posts, duties and associated stress, invest in himself as a specialist.

to switch attention to other areas of life

Another tip for those whose work has become a routine - just as old. Remember that in addition to a professional, there are other areas. Spend more time with family and friends, find a new hobby, loans themselves. A lull in his career - the perfect time to find your perfect balance between work and personal life. Maybe you think you do not develop, just because you have nothing to do outside the office. You should not constantly conquer the peaks and strive for success, it is sometimes necessary to relax and enjoy the event.

What to do, when it seems that it is not developing in career

Do not panic

In the moments when you do not get the same return from work, it is easy to fall into despair, decide what you are good-for-nothing or wrong chosen profession. Keep track of these thoughts and not let panic spread. You should not blame yourself for what you put enough effort or not afraid to leave the comfort zone. Sometimes it is necessary to stay in it to its full potential. Use a quiet period to the maximum - it will be very helpful to you when it's time to move on.

Sometimes if you feel that you do not develop professionally, and how you cope with it?