How to get a dream job

Advance in employment is not easy, even if you're a pro, but when it comes to unfamiliar to you office or work in a large company - mission seems impossible. But any large task becomes easier if you have a plan, a sufficient desire and ability to be patient. Tell us how to get the dream job: not important, what is at stake: a new position or a new profession.

does not hide his ambitions of

How to get a dream job

Frankly colleagues that the dream of higher positions, is not easy, but it is often an open discussion about their plans helps towards desired. If you are in a fairly comfortable relationship with your hr-manager or to someone who can recommend you to the right place, talk to that person.

You do not have to ask or persuade. Gently tell me what you are interested in a specific job or field of activity, and you would like to try his hand at it when there is such a possibility. Your goal - to demonstrate their intentions, not to achieve a particular response. It is possible that, when the desired vacancy opens, people will remember this conversation.

to build relationships with people who inspire you

How to get a dream job

to establish contact with those who have already got the job of your dreams, especially if we are talking about positions, with which you're not too familiar. Chat with them over a cup of coffee or during your lunch break will help to learn more about their future responsibilities. Let insight into the details not work, but you have to imagine what is working and what kind of atmosphere prevails in the team.

Find out what skills you lack

The conversation with the manager, or team members, where you want to get help to understand what skills you do not have enough for a new post. Photoshop possession skills in Excel and other programs that are enjoyed in this department or company will be your competitive advantage.

Devote your free time self development. When in front of you has a specific purpose and you know how you want to be an expert, to motivate yourself to extra classes easier.

offer assistance

The main thing that you need to work at the beginning of the dream - to find a way to try yourself in this position and have the right experience.

If it's a new company, try in any way to hook them: ask for an internship, apply for the position, which is close to the desired, become someone else's assistant. You fit all that will see the work from the inside, even if at first have to just wear someone coffee.

In the case of obtaining a new position on the familiar paper, we propose its assistance to colleagues or ask the leadership of the additional assignment. While they are not interested in you as a staff member, your weapon - unselfishness. By free labor, few will refuse.

How to get a dream job

Do not neglect their primary responsibilities

In the pursuit of a desired position, do not forget about their core responsibilities. Be ready to additional load, a dream job is worth it. It is important to not only prove that you are interested in the development and capacity to learn, but also to establish itself as a conscientious, responsible employee. This applies to situations when you're trying to move in the same company, but not radically change their place.

Watch the desired company or persons

How to get a dream job

After you have established contact with the right people, I learned what skills you lack, and began to work on them, do not expect instant results. Sometimes the reason may simply be that the desired position is not free - and that's fine. Keep interested in the work of the department or company. Stay in sight of the people who work there.

Watch your own growth and development. Then, at the right time you will be ready and you will be an ideal candidate for a dream job.

Do you have a dream job, or you are already there on it are?