How to prepare for the first day at a new job

On the first day at a new job you'll meet dozens of strangers, whose names you can not remember, try to learn a list of kilometer of their duties and to master all the basic tools for the job, and it does not matter in what area you got the job. To be a little more successful, it is necessary to prepare for the evening, and here are some easy ways to set yourself on the right way.

Pack the essentials

How to prepare for the first day at a new job

Show your new employer that you are fully ready to work - including those that took her. Make sure that you have a diary in which you will celebrate every important detail, pen and stickers. Do not forget to prepare healthy snacks, as long as you explore the scope offered you a job, it is unlikely that you will have time for a full meal. Do not forget also the details that will make your personalized workspace, such as candles, small stsetok or decorations for the organizer. But be modest, it is not necessary to drag out of the house favorite blanket and photo frames with pictures of your family. Sentiments betray later.

Try your clothes

How to prepare for the first day at a new job

The most popular life hacking to save time - to prepare their clothes the night before, so as not to rush into a panic in the morning. It should be made before the first working day, but do not forget also to try on the clothes selected, especially if a long time it is not worn. You can notice the loose button or a small spot, which could not find a time in the morning, and you can pre-select the appropriate decorations and accessories.

Check Document

Most likely, when applying for a job you got an employment contract, which is worth reading carefully. Make a list of questions that you care, but you forgot to ask them at the preliminary meetings. Show management their attention to detail and do not be afraid to clarify anything that is not clear. Be sure to make sure that took all important documents with you, put them in a separate folder.


Even if you've searched on the Internet, whether the fraudsters in the company work, who invited you to the interview - it makes sense to make a follow-up study. Look in social networks, what they write about their work colleagues, your future - at the same time so you will be easier to remember new faces.

Build route

How to prepare for the first day at a new job

Your main goal for the first day of work - to appear on the site at the time. Plan your route in advance, drawing attention to the expected travel time. Add 10-15 minutes in reserve - even if you come early, you can take a stroll around the neighborhood, noting the location of shops and cafes, which can come in handy. If you yourself behind the wheel - Spend the evening a little time to stop by the gas station.

Spend time on

Toss and turn in bed without sleep - the last thing you need before an important day. You've already got a job, so deserve a little good rest - go with friends for dinner, read a couple of chapters of a good book or enjoy a bath. Try not to drink alcohol and spend a bit of time trying to write down your thoughts, reducing anxiety.

How much you care before the first working day?