What is worth remembering, if you feel like an outcast in the working team

Friendship is not included in the job responsibilities, but each of us instinctively seeks his place in the team. If you do not find it easy to feel like an outcast. Hear colleagues whisper away or go to dinner together, not paying attention to you, it is unpleasant. But not always the lack of friendship at work should be perceived as a problem. Here's what to keep in mind when you feel a loner in the office.

Stress should not harm your productivity

What is worth remembering, if you feel like an outcast in the working team

The feeling of alienation in the workplace can bring you a lot of trouble. It's not just about personal grievances, but also about the experiences of his career. Often people get promoted through informal communication that are more important than merit.

Also, if your colleague is friends with your boss, it makes you doubt the validity with respect to you.

All these thoughts spoil the mood and, more importantly, the impact on your professional success. Do not let stress get in the way you do your job. Fight against child resentment that cool guys do not want to play with you. If you're good in his case, the lack of friendship with anyone does not hurt you gain respect in the team.

Do you want to join the team - look for an ally

What is worth remembering, if you feel like an outcast in the working team

to stop feeling lonely, it suffices to establish friendly relations with only one person. You do not have to like everyone to become more confident. If you still want to fully integrate, first find an approach to one of his colleagues. Understand which of the people who feel confident in your office, the most is to communicate. Over time, this person will help you become more visible in the team: would call for a dinner together with other employees, will attract the workers and informal discussion by invited to drink with the rest after work.

The new company, especially if it is your colleagues, it is difficult to observe the distinction between antisocial and flattery. Be friendly, but do not play along, and do not turn into a girl on an errand.

Friendship may interfere with the

You should not attach too much importance to personal relationships at work. Make friends with a colleague with whom you interact directly in the professional field, it is difficult. This can create unnecessary tensions and competition between you. Moreover, disagreement operational issues will affect your personal relationships. Too close communication will lead to the fact that you can not not be friends or collaborate professionally.

Do not forget why you're here

In the end, do not go to work and then to find friends. Concentrate on the development of their skills, the more so because it is much easier to do when not distracted by extraneous chatter.

Prove that you mean something, not participating in office gossip and intrigue, and the results of their work. Become indispensable employee, and colleagues will want to be friends with you.

The problem is not you

What is worth remembering, if you feel like an outcast in the working team

And the last thing to remember when going through because of the relationship with colleagues - most likely, it's not you. If the team scattered, with a hostile atmosphere where people are divided into groups, or every man for himself, it is largely a wine guide.

That authority is responsible for creating the corporate culture. Rally the team a variety of ways: to create a common space in the office - kitchen or break room - where they can meet and socialize all members of the company; general chat rooms for socializing. One of the most effective methods - corporate parties. General holidays, outings to nature, sports or workshops.

If there is none of the above in your company, it is not surprising that you feel like an outcast. Do not take wrong policy guidance for their own shortcomings. You can offer to change something in the life of your office, but if you do not find the response, it's not your problem.

It is important if you join the work team and what you do for this?