In its place 6 of the things that will help to love my job

Objectively measure how well a company in which you labor, is not always easy. Perfect job does not exist: there is constantly someone who is worse than you, and the one whose career is much more successful than yours. But there are some common symptoms, which are necessary to be guided, when I'm thinking to change the company. Heroine will tell you how to understand that you are not lost to the choice of location.

1. Flexible

In its place 6 of the things that will help to love my job

The ideal option - the ability to work from home. The two-year study conducted by researchers at Stanford University found that employees who work remotely, better focus on tasks take less sick and generally less dismissed.

Of course, this format of work is not for everyone and not for any specialty. But, if you have the opportunity to at least one day a week to work from home - this is a big plus.

Those whose activity is directly related to a specific location, - most often it is the service sector - worth looking for a flexible schedule. This will significantly improve the balance between work and the rest of life. Personal commitment is almost never there on time - well, if you can adjust the times to work under their own schedule, not vice versa. This will be useful for your head if you agree sometimes make emergency orders after hours.

2. Official employment

If retired, we do not expect the rest of the social benefits should not be neglected. Making of the Labor Code guarantees you a regular paid vacation, paid sick leave, and the decree. In addition, it will be where to turn in case of delay in wages and other violations by the employer. Do not think that the official employment - not such an important factor when choosing a company, because it only gives you rights.

3. The ability to make decisions

Even if you do not hold executive positions, well, when you do not have to coordinate every step with someone else. Of course, the ability to work in a team - a valuable quality. But a certain autonomy makes it possible to take the initiative, to be more involved in the process and grow as a person. It is difficult to keep the interest in the work, when you feel just a performer.

4. The growing salary

In its place 6 of the things that will help to love my job

Perhaps, it is even more important than just a good salary. If you know that this company has the potential for financial growth, we can close our eyes to the fact that the first time your revenue is not as high as we would like.

Discuss with the boss, whether he is ready to give you the opportunity to earn more and how: will write an award for the achievement of certain indicators; allowed to take additional responsibilities. Specify whether it is possible for your company to the principle of wage increases in the near future.

Talk about salary, as well as the possibility of flexible working - check the adequacy of the employer. So you can understand how your boss is ready to hear its employees and seek compromises.

5. The ability to upgrade the skills

Salary and schedule may take a back seat if you work captivates and inspires. The feeling that you develop - this is what makes any activity valuable.

If the authorities are interested in the growth of its employees - is a big plus. Professional courses, trainings, seminars, too, should be part of your job. They allow you to gain experience and knowledge that will be useful to you, and after dismissal. Especially this point concerns beginners: a job that will teach at this stage is more important than the one that will give a good return.

In its place 6 of the things that will help to love my job

6. Comfortable relationships with colleagues

What makes us love or hate their job - the people we met there. Do not forget that the psychological comfort of not less affects the quality of your life than financial wealth.

When colleagues are peers, rather than competitors or just irritating, it's very motivating. Learn to immediately build up a good interaction with the staff, but do not worry, if not made the best friends at work. Distance to communicate with colleagues will not affect your personal relationship to productivity.

Why do you love your job?