6 ways to earn the respect of colleagues, if you are demure

6 ways to earn the respect of colleagues, if you are demure

Be meek - not always mean to be diffident man who often serves as the object of harassment in the workplace or life. Most often demure can be recognized by the character: a quiet and humble man is not very dependent on other people's opinions, it is not a pleasure to chat with others in large quantities, and he would rather spend time with yourself or with close friends, rather than at corporate parties. But modest and self-contained people find it difficult to gain the respect of colleagues and superiors simply because the usual methods of socialization for them - it's way out of your comfort zone. We decided to tell you what you can do to keep themselves and thus earn respect at work.

1. Be the best in the business

No matter how important communication in the office, bosses still pay attention to the results of your work, not on charisma. In this sense, to be meek - it is a great success, as you can save time that your colleagues spend on office affairs discussion, gossip, and instant messaging, to do its job. But simply to implement the plan and to be on time is not enough.

In your situation, you need something to stand out, and best of all - their professionalism. Work longer, if necessary, gaining experience from successful colleagues, to constantly work on their skill that to become the best in the business. If your work will always be performed, and thus no one else can do it the way you, your communication habits will not be an obstacle to respect.

2. Observe

Tikhon has a trump card up his sleeve - until all communicate, assert themselves and try to talk to each other, you can watch. Just looking at the way people behave in a team, you can learn a lot of useful information. The results of his observations are used to build relationships with colleagues. Find out what pleases your boss, what interested the colleague with whom you would like to establish a friendly relationship than generally lives the office, and what is your place in it. If the situation is not encouraging, and it seems to you that you do not even notice here and finish up watching and start to act in accordance with this plan.

3. Do not betray yourself

Not all girls like to be constantly in the spotlight, to seek approval or appear in its board. To earn respect, you should always be yourself. If you do not like noisy corporate parties, politely refuse, if you prefer to listen than to speak - listen. Being meek does not always mean to be insecure, but if you feel comfortable, then no one can knock you out of a rut.

4. Use the word "no"

6 ways to earn the respect of colleagues, if you are demure

The quiet and modest people can often give the impression of the weak, and it gives others a reason to think that you can use for their own purposes demure, manipulate them, or simply to assert themselves at their expense. But in order to gain respect, you do not have to openly confront them and to seek justice from the authorities, just enough to say "no." With each passing day more and more people realize how magical effect has refused. Refuse, if not agree, if you do not want or do not consider it necessary to accept, refuse out of respect to him, and not because "yes" will help you to adjust to someone contact. But abuse failures too, should not, because if you want to earn respect, and it is manifested in relation to his colleagues.

5. Watch for a

If you did not succeed to establish good social relationships with colleagues, then maybe you need to work on themselves and their appearance. According to popular belief, demure - it is not always just a quiet person, very often his character develops in such a way because of the social disapproval. He can not appeal to people on some individual characteristics, such as clothing style, manner of speaking, the presence of bad habits. If earlier you have not paid special attention to appearance, it is time to create a stylish wardrobe, always be neat and well-groomed, and pay attention to the manner of its communication. You can be meek, but arouse the sympathy and respect of the people, if you do not ignore the social criteria.

6. Learn to work in a team

Tikhon often fall into a lively team, where all used to work together, constantly engage in team building and maintaining friendships. Here you can be very difficult, as your way of life does not have to so much attention of others, and of yourself you have nothing to offer. Because of this, a team of you might get not very flattering opinion. To avoid this, you must learn to work as a team. To begin with, to bond with at least one person from your office, which often takes part in the collective work.

Or find people, areas of interest that most overlap with yours, and start communicating with them in a manner that is comfortable to you. Once you've earned credibility in a small group, it is sure to spread to wider circles.