6 ways to travel more if you work 5/2

You could not just stumble on a story in the Instagram of people who have dropped most of the work, we sold a house and went on a journey. It may seem that this is the only way to get rid of hunger for new experiences, but in reality, you have more options to see the world around, not dismissing from their jobs. We have collected a number of ways to change the approach with which you decide where you will rest.

1. Follow the accumulated time off

6 ways to travel more if you work 5/2

A simple task, which is not to say, - check is not accumulated if you have extra time off because of overtime. The balance between work and personal life is urgently needed, and it can not be ignored. Even if the project is an important right after the other, it does not mean that you can not take a couple of days of rest, because otherwise you risk burnout. Vacations help you return to business with renewed vigor, fresh and motivated, so to prioritize.

2. The revision of views on traveling

You do not have to fly a few hours in another country for two weeks to see where all the sights, as well as to give up work for the world tour. Even a three-day trip can be much more useful than you think. Make a budget for the whole year, highlighting several weekends per quarter, that you should go to another city or country. Do not forget that you will always have the opportunity to return to this place again, if you do not have enough experience.

3. Watch mode

6 ways to travel more if you work 5/2

vacation may seem in the meantime, when you sleep all you want, but in your situation it is necessary to spend time wisely. If you get up at 7 in the morning - it will look a lot more than if you will lie in the hotel room before dinner. Keep an eye on in order to and during the week you regularly get enough sleep, because it will also affect your ability to adapt to the flight and to recover from the trip.

4. Assigns weekend trips

To save the time, it is better not to take a week vacation, and distribute them throughout the year, depending on the weekends. Write a statement on a day off on Friday or Monday to extend the time of rest, but to save vacation.

5. Do not forget about the


As well as weekends, holidays give you such an advantage in respect of accrued time off. Always plan a trip during the holidays, but keep in mind that at this time is best to visit the places where there will be crowds.

6 ways to travel more if you work 5/2

6. agree on working remotely

Large firms are increasingly allow for flexible work scheme, allowing to keep a balance between work and personal life. If you will have the opportunity to work from home - you can do it from anywhere in the world.

Even if your manager thinks you should regularly attend the planning meetings and conferences, this does not mean that you can at least one day a week to spend out of the office, just doing his job on the beach. All you need - a quality internet, laptop and desire to grow.

How often do you travel a?