8 tips for those who are in financial trouble

Many people live from paycheck to paycheck - for Rosstat research in 2018, 31% of Russians have no savings for the future. Set aside money regularly every month and also have the airbag - is crucial if you want to get rid of financial anxiety and achieve a certain freedom in their desires. But what if an emergency has occurred and you do not have enough money for basic necessities? Today we will tell a few key ways to get out of financial hole.

1. Stay calm

8 tips for those who are in financial trouble

The last thing you need during your wallet financial crisis - started to panic. Many people experience negative emotions from anger to frustration, but any emotion out of this range is only taken away from you even more power. It is imperative that you remain calm and collected, so that your brain can generate new ways of solving problems.

2. Calculate the budget

Before you begin to bring its finances in order - you need to learn to count exactly where the money is spent, and where there are extra. Define their own needs and priorities, and only after that you can focus on desires. To learn about their own spending can be difficult - but the sooner you get a clear picture, the faster restore.

3. reduce costs

8 tips for those who are in financial trouble

Sometimes we do not even notice how small a waste of 100-200 rubles gradually begins breaching in your pocket. Think about how to temporarily reduce costs - to give up paid subscriptions, manicure or a Sunday lunch with friends. Remember that this need "uzhatsya" - will not be present permanently in your life.

4. Consider your possibilities

8 tips for those who are in financial trouble

After you bring your financial statements in order and the department needs from desires, begin to consider the possibility of deferred payment. Some lenders will allow to postpone paying bills when you apply - the bank can transfer the certificate of loss of employment or sick leave, and the management company of your home may agree to a postponement of payments for public utilities for a month or two. Take into account the fact that it is necessary in advance to ask about such a possibility, in order to avoid the situation of the accrual of interest and penalties.

5. Ask to increase

The easiest way to increase their income - to increase the level of his salary. Make sure you know why you are a valuable employee, worthy of promotion, and gather more evidence of the success of your work in recent months. Remember that even a "no" may be an opportunity for the other question - for example, you can go forward and provide remote work on the same terms of payment. Do not forget to also clarify what you still need to take to get further boost.

6. Ask for help

Seek the support of close family or friends. Not to create tension in the relationship, agreed on the terms on which You shall repay. In addition to the loan you can also ask your relatives if they have to take a good part-time job for you or good-paying work on your specialization.

7. Find part time

8 tips for those who are in financial trouble

Use the social networks you will find an additional way to make money without even leaving your house. You can turn to your personal account at Instagram in the trading platform, begin to provide paid advice on their profiles, or make money from your hobby. Even though it might take a lot of time you have - most importantly, it has helped to overcome the crisis.

8. Take credit

If you need cash right now - carefully analyze banks and their offers in order to choose a loan with the best interest rates. Pay attention not only to consumer credit offers, but also for credit cards and other financial products. Try to avoid borrowing at high interest rates - they are even more will drive you into the trap of tension with the money.

Do you find yourself in a difficult financial situation?