7 financial life hacking for modern women

Anyone can dream that one day win the lottery, or at least get a job that pay a fabulous price. But in my dreams do not forget that the state of your account will depend on you, and you yourself can affect a lot of things.

1. Watch your accounts

7 financial life hacking for modern women

Try to reduce the amount of cash and go on payment cards. So you can manage your finances in one place - via the services of the bank, which makes it easier to work with debt and helps to stick to your budget. Applications can easily play the role of a financial advisor, but unlike a real helper for his services did not have to pay.

Find out how much credit you can get at the moment, check for updates to the rules of the Bank, as well as their promotional products. Make sure that you do not miss the best conditions - regularly apply for a credit card with the best terms and conditions. Also, do not forget from time to time to check whether there was not an opportunity to refinance your mortgage at a lower rate.

2. Improve Credit History

Before granting a loan to an individual, banks are studying the history of the potential borrower, How many were taken as loans were repaid and in what time frame. According to the credit history are assigned points - and they determine how much money you can give credit, as well as by what percentage. No one will be an excellent rating in the credit system at the time of age, and something you need to start. Even if you have the cash, it makes sense to execute some purchases on credit and pay off loans ahead of schedule. It is certainly useful to you in the moment when you want to take a car loan or mortgage.

If you already have experience with loans in different banks, you can submit online application form the National Bureau of Credit Histories, to view a report on its actions. It is known in history when there was an error in the documents, and it could affect the way that you do not approve credit for the desired amount, so that you can check the accuracy of the information on their own.

3. Use cashback services

7 financial life hacking for modern women

The internet can offer you much more than just an online shopping and social networks, for example, a refund on purchases. Bonus systems are widely used in different networks, but it is usually tied to the same number of goods. For example, if you bought a new phone to your account on the network drops a certain amount of points, but you can spend it only on the equipment in the same store.

Special cash back service returns money from any companies that are working together - it can be as narrowly focused services for buying clothes, as well as a wide range of services for different areas.

To register, you do not need to buy anything, just a few minutes filling out the questionnaire, and you can proceed with the purchase. Almost all of these services have an application with which you will immediately see how much you can save when buying a particular product.

4. unsubscribe

For those who no longer supports piracy and prefer to pay for content, it can easily be a situation when you do not pay for what you use. You still worth the monthly payment for the Premium-status when language learning, but you do not remember when was the last activity? You paid "Amediateka", although you can not even select the output to watch the show?

Check, perhaps you are paid subscription to of Office, although only for a long time are using cloud services. Do not forget to also make sure that you are not connected avtoplatezhi for mobile communication, or utilities.

5. Invest

7 financial life hacking for modern women

Even if you do not plan to spend large sums of money and prefer to save more - it does not mean that they have to just lie in the bank. You do not refuse the money, if you can find them on the sidewalk, so why do you refuse from the "free" money that can be in your bank account? Look for accounts with high interest rates, or invest in cryptocurrency and securities.

6. Do not forget about insurance

If you are seriously concerned about their health, take out health insurance, which will help to avoid big bills for treatment. You can select either outpatient care, and dental care or surgical intervention - depending on the complexity will vary the price. Insurance contract can be obtained at medical institutions that provide paid services or specific insurance companies, and its cost will depend on the age, presence of chronic diseases, the number of clinics in which you return for this insurance as well as medical aid.

7. Look for discounts and rebates

7 financial life hacking for modern women

Now the growing popularity of telegrams-channel publishing information on sales, for example, Travelradar tells about the actions of airlines and travel agencies, and @dealfinderch - that is now the sales of clothing and accessories.

If you have favorite brands, whose products do you prefer to buy - to see to it that you had subscribed to their mailing list for regular customers, and do not forget to check your emails. Often, there you can find unique offers, limited editions and very attractive offers.