How to start to save for a big purchase

Save money - always a difficult task. Especially when the salary is low, and spending constant. Nevertheless, it is possible - the problem lies in the fact that money is not lying under the pillow, and worked.

Yes, we are talking about investments. Many people mistakenly believe that the investment - it is difficult and requires a lot of capital, but it is not. Firstly, investments are different, and secondly, there are some of the options that are available to everyone. By the way, you can save money on fast food, coffee, taxi, and other non-essential things up to 15 000 rubles per month, and immediately invest - this is the most reasonable and reliable way to great shopping.

Together with the creators of the service "Evolution" - project of the company "Region Investments" - talk about such a simple way to increase their savings as buying bonds.


How to start to save for a big purchase

"Evolution" - online services and applications for smartphones, which in fact are the interface and convenient way to interact with the broker. In turn, the broker - a financial institution that is authorized to operate a securities market and provide intermediary services for other entities (companies and individuals).

It is important to note that all brokers are rigorously tested state. And just in case they are given approval by the appropriate license to operate. "Investment Region" - are just such. In addition, the company has the right to the provision of services through applications and web services.

Government bonds

How to start to save for a big purchase

Government bonds - is the same securities as well as shares, the essence is the same. You buy them and to receive the income in one form or another. Ordinary shares may be kept at as long as necessary, and bonds - for a certain period. In fact - you kredituesh State or the company, and not vice versa.

From this it follows that there will be some profit from you. And here the most important thing: the action - high-risk assets, as the price is unstable. You may like to lose everything, and earn. But bonds are not subject to such risks and much more interesting in terms of investment.

If we compare them with the usual contributions to the banks - they are not only more reliable, because the company or the state is obliged to pay you a means of expiration of the period, which sells bonds, but also more profitable due to a number of factors.

Bond yields

How to start to save for a big purchase

The State and companies, such as Gazprom, Rosneft and others interested in the financing and development of enterprises. Therefore, the interest rates on the bonds is higher than on deposits. Annual interest rate - is the "coupon rate" - may be higher by 3-10%, depending on the company and its environment. For example, the company may issue bonds with different maturities, usually from 1 to 10 years, you yourself choose the amount of time and investment. But if you suddenly needed your money, then you can at any time to sell the bonds, the coupon yield for the time investment is not lost. The coupon rate - is an annual percentage of income to the nominal value of the bond. For example, if the coupon is 12% per annum, and the bond is 1000 rubles, that for the year the bond holder will receive a coupon yield in the amount of 120 rubles. For half a year - 60, respectively.

Another advantage - the price of Russian bonds are low, do not exceed 1000 rubles, which allows more flexibility to shape your investment portfolio (for example, to buy bonds of different companies to diversify risks).

But there are a number of advantages. Since March 2017 the yield on bonds is not taxed 13%, but on the contrary, you can return each year before taxes you paid 13% of the amount invested. To do this, perform the simple conditions:

- do you have an official salary and pay taxes

- IMS open you - an individual investment account for a period of not less than 3 years

- you have a year to refill your account for any amount up to 1 million rubles.

Then every year since the opening of IIS you can receive from the state in addition to the income of 13% per annum of the amount of investments - Return PIT. For example, at an investment of 100 000 rubles and bond yields 10% receive 10 000 rubles in the form of income from bonds, and another 13 000 rubles from the state as a tax deduction. Admit it, a good increase!

How to start

How to start to save for a big purchase

All you need - to open IIS. This can be done directly in the application or "Evolution" web-version of the service. After registration and completion of the data broker will bring them to the registry of the Federal Tax Service, and you will become a full participant in the securities market. "Evolution" - a channel of communication between you and the broker who will execute your application and pay you interest. You can start investing from 1000 rubles. The only question is - where?

This question you answer the application itself, thanks to the developed by the company's algorithms are based on a number of financial factors, calculates the most safe and profitable bonds, make predictions and provide important information for decision-making.

Another interesting possibility of applying the "Evolution" - placement of available funds on the Moscow Stock Exchange under 6, 5% per annum. In this case, the income will be credited to your account every day, and you can withdraw money at any time, without commission. Imagine that sold the car for 1 million. Rubles a month, these funds were for nothing. Placing them on the stock exchange, within 30 days you would have received + 5340 rubles above. This is a great way to keep and multiply your money.

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