4 effective ways to move to Spain

Spain - a country of ancient monuments and exquisite architecture, snowy mountains and sandy sea beaches. But if you think up to move to this sunny country, you need to have the drive, determination and patience. We talked with the experts of the official representative of the Spanish schools in Russia Liberty Lingvo and decided to tell you about a few effective ways that will legally stay in Spain and will be a strong foundation in the way of obtaining Spanish nationality.

1. Ride training

The easiest and most practical way to exile in Spain - student visa and learning the Spanish language.

Official representative of Spanish schools in Russia Liberty Lingvo offers pass Spanish courses in 12 cities in Spain. Here you will find a wide variety of long-term and short-term courses to learn Spanish, as well as training courses to enroll in Spanish schools.

school team helps students not only in dealing with educational issues, but also in the study of culture and everyday life of the Spaniards. Provide a choice of two types of accommodation: in a student apartment with Spanish students or to share a room in a Spanish family. So you can get acquainted with the local culture and traditions, as well as to achieve a high level language. Emigration through training only for candidates aged 18-27 years.

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2. Property

4 effective ways to move to Spain

Another way to emigrate to the southern piece of Europe - to buy a home in Spain. To put this idea into reality, you need to pay attention to the Spanish Official State Bulletin number 233. This document contains "Law on Entrepreneurs", article 63 which allows foreign nationals to automatically obtain a residence permit (permit) when buying real estate, but in the long run - Spanish nationality. Talk about the fact that the minimum value of the acquired property must be at least 500 thousand euros for each applicant a residence permit, have nothing to do with reality. To get a permit, you need to buy or rent an apartment in the amount of 50-60 thousand euros.

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3. Open the business

4 effective ways to move to Spain

The above article №63 also provides for residence permits to those who are willing to open their own business. This applies to five types of investments with a minimum investment of 1 or 2 million euros: in the existing Spanish companies or to start their own businesses to create jobs, to open a deposit in a Spanish bank or purchase of securities and government bonds. Also you can take part in business projects of interest to the Government of Spain and contribute to scientific, technological and socio-economic development of the country.

4. Apply for a job

4 effective ways to move to Spain

can be moved to Spain on a work visa as a visiting expert. To do this, you need to find a job, preferably in the specialty, and sign a contract with the employer, which is registered in the Spanish Ministry of Labor. In this case, the employer himself must apply to the Department of Labor and request a work permit - to apply for employment in your name, your personal documents, diploma and work book with a translation into Spanish.

Some people do not require a work permit, but they must apply for a visa or a residence permit. These include university professors, technicians and scientists invited to Spain for the development of scientific and cultural programs, as well as foreign journalists.