Japanese from scratch: how to start learning

Japanese from scratch: how to start learning

Linguists like to say: "If you can master the Japanese language, others - do not make for you a special difficulty." Master 2000 characters and not get lost in their writing - a real adventure for any representative of Western culture. In addition, sitting in his hands with prescriptions, you will be in parallel to train self-discipline, memory and ability to think logically.

Together with the Center of Japanese Culture "FUJI" Heroine will tell you where to start learning Japanese, so as not to lose motivation and faith in their own strength.

Learn ABC

The Japanese have two alphabet - Hiragana and Katakana. Hiragana is used only for writing Japanese words and katakana - for borrowed from foreign languages. In each of 46 characters. Writing in Japanese as possible and with the help of these alphabets, without affecting the characters. To memorize the pronunciation character syllabary, see video tutorials on YouTube, download dictionary with transcription.

Get acquainted with the characters

Characters in Japanese, there are 2000, and learn how to write complex texts and can not speak freely without them. To remember them, use the mnemonic method, coming up with every character or his way of association.

Learn basic dialogues

To learn Japanese at a conversational level, it is sufficient to look for online resources on a modern Japanese language and easy to memorize words, phrases and short conversations. If you learn at least 50 words, you will be able to perceive by hearing familiar words to favorite songs or anime.

Start to learn grammar

You have to learn all the time 2 - present and past, and the part of speech do not have to decline by the nature, number and case. Japanese - high-context language where one word can have different meanings depending on the situation, in which it is used. To learn how to understand and use the right word in the right place, you need a lot of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

are interested in Japanese culture,

If you do not yet have the opportunity to go to Japan, to get used to Japanese speech possible through watching movies with subtitles, manga reading and literary adaptation of Frank's method, as well as by immersion in Japanese culture. Discover ikebana as a new hobby or inspired Japanese painting.

The best way to consolidate what has already been learned, correct their mistakes and to improve knowledge - is to practice Japanese with another person. Japanese culture center "Fuji" - a professional team of native Japanese speakers and highly qualified faculty of SPSU. Enrolling in language classes here, you're in love with Japan from the first class. Features of training at the Center, "Fuji" - total immersion in Japanese culture, which involves the study of one aspect of language and familiarity with the traditions and mentality - on the other. If you feel that it is ready to go to conquer the eastern countries, you can take an exam to determine the level of language and continue their education in one of Japan's universities.

The Center also offers courses on flower arrangements - the traditional Japanese art of making flower arrangements. Here you not only get acquainted with the unique Japanese tradition to decorate the interior with exquisite bouquets, but will find spiritual harmony and razovesh high artistic taste.

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