Where to work abroad: 6 jobs available for Russian girls

Work abroad - it is the best way to travel as long as you want. You provide jobs, apply for the visa and health insurance, in most cases, pay for travel and accommodation - a dream, is not it? We have prepared a list of the most popular professions abroad, where you need only a diploma and a good knowledge of a foreign language.

This article, we have prepared together with the Callidus INVEST - the largest real estate management company in the German market for Russian investors.

1. The waiter on a cruise ship

Where to work abroad: 6 jobs available for Russian girls

If the work for you - it's not just a solid life foundation, but also leisure, palm trees and the sea, then you can be a part of a cruise ship. If you do not get seasick - you are welcome! This is a good chance to find a dream job in accordance with their fantasies.

Less of this work is that sometimes it is protracted, and possibly for a long time you will not be able to see their relatives and friends. However, many cruises make frequent stops in their itineraries, which will allow you to see a countless number of new cities and countries. This is one of the best works, where you pay for the trip.

2. Guide

Where to work abroad: 6 jobs available for Russian girls

How to become a tour guide in the city or region of your dreams? There are several ways to accomplish this: you can stay in any city and conduct a video blog, winding endless circles on its surroundings or become a professional guide who travels to various countries of the leading tour operators in the world. You'll get a chance to see the world, to join different cultures and enrich the vision, develop public speaking and communication skills and to improve the knowledge of a foreign language.

3. English Teacher

Where to work abroad: 6 jobs available for Russian girls

Teaching English is probably the most common of all the jobs that you can see in search of work abroad. English is one of the dominant language in politics, science and business. As globalization does not stand still and covers more areas, in countries where English is not the native language, people learn to read, write and speak it since childhood.

Therefore, English teaching - is the work that you can find in almost any corner of the globe, such as in Thailand, China, the United Arab Emirates and Argentina. This is not only a great way to train your language skills. You can also get acquainted with the local culture and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of another country.

4. The doctor

Where to work abroad: 6 jobs available for Russian girls

Scientists predict that the global pharmaceutical industry has developed considerably in 2020. Overall, growth of the population, including aging, popularized by the health sector. In a world of steadily increasing demand for medical practitioners, dentists, nurses, pharmacists and allied professionals in this field. They work in sync and provides a variety of services at different levels, from the public health and disease prevention practices to provide primary health care and emergency care.

5. Journalist

Due to the vast number of diverse musical events that happen every minute around the world, the media had a great impact. They are often called the fourth pillar of the state, as they are also responsible for what is happening. In today's world of digital media technologies are no longer the only field of the humanities and creativity. Apart from a good knowledge of the English language you'll need a keen understanding of technology and digital media works.

6. Analyst

Where to work abroad: 6 jobs available for Russian girls

Professions associated with data science, have been named the sexiest job of the 21st century. Data - this is a new "oil" today's digital economy. They are close to us in large volumes and grow at an exponential rate. It is therefore important to quickly extract knowledge and insights from the information supplied to us. This requires an understanding of statistics and computer science, software and knowledge domains.

Data science - is a fast growing industry that offers exciting career opportunities abroad in the presence of a strong analytical thinking. Field Intelligence combines the extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, exploratory and predictive models and management on the basis of facts. The aim here is to study these models, as well as business decisions and actions. Analytics is used in various sectors, including financial services, retail, health care, tourism and the media. Callidus Invest - German company, which is engaged in the purchase, sale and delivery of apartments for rent in Germany. If you have a property in Berlin, but you have no time to deal with it, the company will take care of all of your:

- refresh interior design and supply the necessary furniture;

- find tenants, arrange the show apartment and sign a contract;

- will translate the monthly rent to your account;

- to monitor the safety of the property;

- to pay for taxes, insurance, utilities and Internet services;

- after the departure of tenants will conduct a comprehensive cleaning.

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