What is worth to invest up to 30

Even millenialy still believe that investment is necessary to have large sums of money. In reality, you can start with investments in thousand rubles - but it is worth spending a little work to explore its possibilities. Together with the project Freedom24.ru We analyzed the most convenient ways to invest in 2019. After studying this list, you can decide what should diversify their savings and get a good income, which will significantly improve the quality of your life.

1. Currency

What is worth to invest up to 30

One of the fastest ways to earn some money - use changes in exchange rates to their advantage. If you are worried about how to save as much as possible savings and cope with inflation - select a portion of the deferred money and translate them into euros or dollars. The likelihood that they will grow in value, is high enough - because of the possibility of introducing a new package of sanctions. This week, Sberbank downgraded its outlook for the ruble, expecting that in the next two years, the dollar will cost 65-70 rubles.

Currency should be postponed for a long time, or by setting a major goal of such travel. Take into account that a normal bank, usually sets the unfavorable conditions for the exchange, but in order to get a special exchanger with the best conditions, it is necessary to allocate a certain amount of time. You can use the services of specialized financial institutions that provide access to the Moscow stock exchange where you can trade more profitable - but this should go only if you expect to buy at least $ 1,000.

2. Properties

What is worth to invest up to 30

to make a profit from owning real estate - one of the oldest financial transactions of human civilization. Some people prefer to own real estate, because this kind of investment is long-term, and can serve as an excellent safety cushion in the event of loss of cash. Buying a property for a family is always to reduce the cost of rent, so if you have the opportunity to get at least a small house, it is necessary to do so as soon as possible.

No matter where your property is located - you can turn it into an asset by charging rent. At the moment, the annual rent of the apartment costs about 6, 5% of its total cost, although readings may vary depending on the size of the area and location.

You can acquire housing in buildings under construction or non-residential premises and lease them to tenants. Bear in mind that if you invest in the purchase of real estate in a building under construction, the construction may be delayed for several years, and the construction company goes bankrupt, which will lead to delays in the delivery of housing.

3. Contributions

What is worth to invest up to 30

You can start replenish deposits - this service provides all major banks. Percent charge ranges from 5% to 7% depending on the service conditions and the amount of investment and can withdraw money at any time.

Use these attachments can be how to increase your airbags. Even if you do not earn a lot of money - still provide yourself the opportunity to pay for housing and loans even in case of job loss.

4. Invest in yourself

What is worth to invest up to 30

This investment option may seem fragile, but still affects the greatest asset that you will ever be. Use as much of their free time to go through refresher courses regularly working to improve foreign language and do not forget about improving their financial literacy. All these skills will certainly need you in the future, so you need to think about them now.

In addition, you can invest in your health - get tested, to cure teeth and to cope with the chronic diseases that are amenable to medication. Do not forget that you need to learn a healthy lifestyle - much cheaper to prevent the emergence of new problems than to cure them.

5. Securities

What is worth to invest up to 30

You have the opportunity to invest in securities - any shares of the world market, bonds, or indexes. Take into account the higher rate of return - the higher the risk, and do not forget to focus on what is happening in the stock market right now. By the choice of direction for the investment is to approach responsibly as possible.

You can open your own investment account in just 10 minutes, not even leaving home. Choose what to invest, based on several criteria: how many resources you have, how much risk you are prepared to accept for the sake of some yield.

What is worth to invest up to 30

to buy securities in Russia is possible only through a broker. And if it seems that you do not have enough knowledge, you can use the financial services of companies that provide not only brokerage services, but also provide support to novice investors. Freedom24.ru - a team of experts with a decade of experience in the US and Russian stock markets. They have a license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to carry out brokerage activities, have the right to manage the securities in accordance with the law to help their customers decide where to invest the money necessary. Suppose you have a cumulative sum of 50 000 rubles. With this amount you can buy 4 shares of Yandex and 4 Facebook shares. Bear in mind that in order to reduce the risk of loss of funds, you need to diversify the funds by investing them in different directions, as well as regularly to increase its portfolio by purchasing new securities. Of course, before you do this, you need to estimate the amount of money that you can earn. Thanks to the prompts on the Freedom24.ru site you will learn about how they expect the largest financial holdings from certain actions. For example, Alfa Bank said that the shares of Yandex is necessary to keep to yourself, and J.P. Morgan - that is worth buying again. At the same time, experts Morgan Stanley believe that it is necessary to hold the shares of the company Starbucks and do not make hasty decisions.

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