How to spend money in their 20

Fear of finance and responsibility for them - not a reason to completely close their eyes to what is happening in your wallet. Here are a few healthy habits that should start to no longer be afraid to be left without money in the end of the month.

1. Know your monthly expenses

How to spend money in their 20

Financial planners recommend to record monthly expenses, non-recurring expenses and net income. Delhi its fixed expenses by category and are deducted from the monthly income.

Most often, the main categories of expenditure - is rent, utilities, food, clothing, personal care and entertainment. When there is the possibility of prescribing the amount of "Fun" graph. The remainder is sent to the column "delayed."


Stick to your budget

Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly follow the plan! Do you have a monthly budget. When you know what tools come and go out of it, you can make realistic plans, to avoid overspending on something that you can not afford. As soon as you start to closely monitor your wallet, you will be surprised and even begin to panic, that article does not converge. But do not worry, any shocking understanding will lead to the fact that you will be able to better plan for the future.

3 is delayed every month

Postpone a certain amount each month specifically to not touch her long life. Create an account to receive interest on it. At the top banks have special services: Sberbank - service "Piggy" from Alfa-Bank - "Nakopilka" at Tinkoff - cashback. To examine the conditions for each of the banks, which are in your town. Try to postpone by 10 to 15% of their income, starting from the moment you turn 20. Before to touch this money, think about whether you can refuse, for example, from a taxi to work or regular spa treatments. Call your fund: "Happiness Foundation", "Foundation for Life", "Fund for travel around the world" - all of which should inspire you to save.

4. Make the account for emergencies

Calculate their monthly expenses and put away the remainder of an emergency account, which you can climb, if something happens: you stay out of work, ill or you happen to another disaster. The "emergency fund" shall be an amount equal to 3-6 months of your personal compulsory expenditure.

5. Close your credit card

Just imagine, in 2016, the average outstanding loans per capita in Russia is 69 thousand rubles! I thought about how you have to repay your favorite credit card, scares, but I try to give it more attention.

Do not increase your debt. When you give a small debt, you see progress, and the main thing here is not tempted to not get into it more. As soon as you repay the entire map, it will motivate you to increase your savings.

6. to negotiate his salary

How to spend money in their 20

One of the best ways to increase your net profit - to increase revenue. When you're just starting your career, you agree to any salary and afraid even to stammer about it to have increased. But if you know that you deserve more, then reminded of this boss. Gather a list of their achievements underline they have learned, and how to expand your range of tasks. Of course, your employer can answer "no", and in this case, you can either accept it, or start looking for another job. Do not be afraid - people constantly negotiate.

7. Teach science spending

Spend less than you can afford. Even less than your budget allows. It is easy to rationalize their daily expenses, and you will need it just one piece of paper and a pen. Morning coffee before work is worth 70 rubles - more than 17 thousand a year. And smoking can do to you in 15 thousand a year.

Is not it better to buy a thermos of coffee and prepare a delicious on their own? But smoking itself - a habit that interferes with your rest. Compares the costs to how much you earn per hour or per project.

8. Set a goal

You can save in order to have fun! Give yourself long term goals for the year, five and ten years. Whatever it was, a new home or a vacation on the islands, it will motivate you to ensure that prudent spending. Your ideas may change over the years, but the inspiration and already accumulated fund will not disappear.

9. regularly reassessed its budget

Watch your plan every month and check that it really works and is changing in accordance with your life. Your rent is increased? Did you get a fine? To rewrite its budget to understand what you can and what you can not buy in the next month.

10. Ask the

If you are very confused in what and where to direct, just ask an expert. You can find in your surroundings meticulous in every detail a person who has eaten a dog on how to properly spend. And sometimes the best expert can be your mother, who has experience in the planning of spending the whole family. You do not have to perform each of these items at once. Focus on how to add one to two new habit a month. By next year you will be surprised, how you've grown, and how confident you feel yourself, because it will be a woman with money.