5 ways to save money while on the move

Any move to a new home - a stressful situation. All things have to put in the awkward boxes at the new location will all be out of place, you need to spend hours to ensure that all wash and arrange for places to learn stores nearby and customer-service addresses. To all this it is not necessary to add more financial problems, and the move can greatly aggravate the condition of your purse. Heroine collected some life hacking, to help cope with budget when moving to a new home.

1. Look for the box in advance

5 ways to save money while on the move

You can always buy boxes for moving into the building supermarkets, but bear in mind that they will cost you a few hundred each. Think in advance how many things you need to pack, and began to search for the boxes before directly to collect things.

Contact your local stores and ask if they have boxes from suppliers remain. Check with your friends, whether they move boxes from the previous left. You can also use the bags, sports bags, and even shoppers that will comfortably transport as many things as possible.

2. Thoughtful utilities

Premeditated, when and how you have to pay utility bills, as well as Internet service providers. Whether there is your favorite operator in the new place? How long does it take to reconnect? Do not forget to limit the service to your old address, and make sure that you do not have to be responsible for payment for electricity and water after moving.

3. Start to sell

5 ways to save money while on the move

I doubt that your favorite sofa will fit in your new apartment? Advance start selling things you do not need in the near future. So you can save money on a loader, and will not deal with stress because of how long you try to make alterations to accommodate all. Maybe you just find a new comfortable chair with the money, which you so lacking.

Also revised all his clothes, to decide if you really going to wear it on. Give part for processing received loan or small p, for example, in the H & M. The more money, and the less things that have to wear, - the better for you.

4. Prepare a meal

Oddly enough, but the savings can be significant savings on the products for you. The process of cooking in a new apartment may not be obvious - just in case there is no refrigerator or stove? In addition, your pots and dishes certainly be lost in dozens of your boxes, roll up in pupyrchatuyu film. Supply of food that does not require storage under refrigeration, and put them in a separate bag, to which you will have access at any time. So you can avoid unnecessary ordering delivery pizza or breakfast at McDuck that will spend the saved money on something more useful.

5 ways to save money while on the move

5. Check the tariff plans

If you order services freight, pay attention to whether their prices are different depending on the day or time of the order. It is likely that the price of the weekend will be much higher, and then it makes sense to you to discuss with the head of an extra day off for the move.

Do not forget to specify the value of the services of professional movers, and learn from their friends, whether they have the opportunity to help you in this process. Remember, there are situations in which you may appear that you spend less if all perevezesh itself, though in reality you spend so many hours for which could earn significant amount of money.