6 Challenge, which will be taught to handle money

Every modern woman has an idea of ​​what should do with the money: plan a budget, spend less than you earn, invest wisely in the future. But between knowledge and real actions have a global difference. According to a study of the Higher School of Economics, 52% of Russians live from paycheck to paycheck, and many lacked even basic needs. Statistics are very frightening, and on the whole it has more to do with the political situation in the country, but there are a few things that can help you personally. We collected the Challenge, which will be taught to handle money better, easier to save and plan the budget.

do not spend anything for a month

6 Challenge, which will be taught to handle money

30 days at no cost - a great way to reload all your habits and save a decent amount of money. The essence of the Challenge is that you have a whole month did not spend money on anything but the most necessary things: rental housing, utilities, transportation and basic products. If you want even more benefits - keep track of every purchase that you make, and analyzes how much spending you used to do for a month on a completely insignificant things.

To easily overcome Challenge, should think in advance how you will entertain this month, if you will not be able to spend the money. Where can you go with your friends, not to disclose the purse? What books will finally get your attention?

Listen to a financial weekly podcast

We do not talk about how to manage the money in the school, but it does not mean that you can not catch up in adulthood. All the resources you have at hand - just start listening financial podcasts at least once a week. You do not have economic education or complete immersion in the topic - and small enough steps. Just one hour can be enough to make your anxiety about money declined and understanding on what is easy to obtain benefits - improved.

record expenses handle

If you constantly you use payment cards, there is a temptation not in any way to count, focusing only on the bank's application. But you're still worth every week to collect all receipts and payments data, writing them down in a notebook the handle. It may take some time, but by tracking your expenses manually, you can quickly find the relationship, determine which category is the most hyped, and reduce the senseless waste.

Select a mandatory financial day

If you do not live alone, it is worth paying attention to how your partner handles the finances. It does not matter that you do not have a common budget, you can still act as advisers and consultants to each other by providing for it in your calendar to count one evening budgets.

Check the costs for the last month, in order to understand whether there will be some errors, not written off if mobile operators have extra money and if your expenses are not irrational. Consider your savings, investments and loans, to see if you get together to achieve success. Talk about what you would like to buy in the future. Combine your subscription to Internet services by connecting the family favorable tariffs.

Establishments usually 72 hours

Begin to deal with impulsive purchases by time constraints. If you want to buy something, wait 72 hours before you click "buy". You can add the item to the cart, and if after 72 hours your desire to get this thing will not weaken - buy. The adoption of the rules significantly change the way a lot of things you plant.

The mood piggy bank

Challenge is the easiest of all, which does not require much effort - the mood automatic transfer part of their income into a separate account. Use service "Piggy" or other suggestion of your bank, which will automatically convert a small percentage of the amount spent on contributions. You will not need to think about what the size of the amount you will be able to postpone the end of the month - the system will make the choice for you.

With the help of which you now keep track of your expenses?