How and why women give birth in the US

If you leave before giving birth in the United States mainly sought citizen surrounding areas of Latin America, now with no less desire to fly a native of Russia. We decided to tell you why you should go to give birth in the US, how to do it, where to find a good clinic and experienced doctors.

Modern medicine and services

How and why women give birth in the US

Many women aspire to birth in the United States because of advanced medical technology and a high level of qualification of doctors. For example, Utah specialized in childbirth. In Salt Lake City offers a large selection of quality hospitals and experienced doctors, and incidence of complications in childbirth and after them is extremely low.

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The low rate of births by Caesarean section

Because of the fear of severe pain during natural childbirth before it was popular to give birth by caesarean section. Modern epidural helps relieve pain during childbirth, so now most of the women prefer to give birth naturally, without fear of surgery indications. In some cases, a cesarean is necessary to save the life of the mother and child, but if there is no direct evidence for the procedure - should be abandoned. In America, caesarean section rates are significantly decreased in recent years. In this case, the lowest rate of births by Caesarean section - in Utah. Caesarean section in the state is 25% lower than the US average. This means that without the need for a doctor is not to carry out the operation. The advantage of Utah for childbirth that procreation - his specialty. In particular, in the Salt Lake incidence of complications in childbirth and after childbirth is extremely low. Prices for medicine, accommodation, meals in the city several times less than in Miami, New York or California. Additional medical services, treatments, and tests will also cost much less than in other states.

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The ability to surf

How and why women give birth in the US

US Citizenship give your child almost unlimited possibilities, for example, to travel to most countries without a visa. In addition to free entry to the US, he does not need a visa to visit the 38 countries that currently participate in the Visa Waiver Program. It includes countries such as the UK, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and Belgium.

As for you, you can travel on their own before or after childbirth. For example, rent a car and rolled to Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, visit the National Park, or simply walk around the city, which decided to give birth.

The second citizenship for the child

In accordance with the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution guaranteed US citizenship to any child born in the United States. Citizenship also includes the right to vote in political elections and the opportunity to decide the fate of one of the most powerful countries in the world.

The state benefits

How and why women give birth in the US

If your child was born in the United States, it automatically gets all privileges granted by the US government, including free education in schools, student loans and scholarships. At the same time graduates of American universities are much more likely to get a job in almost any part of the world. It is likely that he or she has built a successful career and will become the next president of the United States or an undercover agent of the CIA or the FBI.

How to go to give birth in the United States:

USA-MAMA - a company, a professional organizing labor in the United States since 2013. Managers of the company will advise you on the choice of the best hospitals and doctors, rental housing and cars, visa, language learning, if there is a desire, and on passing the required tests and paperwork child. The company's specialists will support you in the earliest stages, while you are still in your home country, as well as throughout your stay in Salt Lake City.

Let's talk about the key things that you need:

Medical documents

How and why women give birth in the US

The company will send you a list of tests that doctors recommend to do before the arrival in America, not to overpay. If you have complications during pregnancy or chronic illness, then the company will contact the attending doctor of the future and explain your situation. He may recommend additional tests to pass before the arrival. As a result, you need the exchange card pregnant, references to the results of tests and ultrasound with an English translation. It is also worth mentioning that the company has the lowest prices on the US health care packages. What to take to the hospital

Visa to America

USA-MAMA will help you to fill in all the forms for a visa to the United States and suggest any necessary documents need to bring to the interview. You will pay the visa fee, fill out and print an e-mail statement on the visa issue, and to sign up for an interview at the US consulate in the appointed day and hour. When your visa application is approved, the passport with visa will be delivered via Pony Express on your address.

property search

How and why women give birth in the US

This is one of the main tasks that USA-MAMA solves for its customers, who came to give birth in the United States. If you are not satisfied with apartments presented on the company website, the specialists will view all that apply after you Speak the price, location and your preferences.

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