5 exciting countries for which a visa is necessary to make

Travel - one of the greatest pleasures in life, but when it comes to a trip to the consulate, the anxiety level rises. Visa - often a long and stressful, especially if you draw it yourself. To inspire you to an active holiday, Heroine decided to tell about the exciting 5 countries for which the cost to gather strength and go through all the complexity of the visa.

This article, we have prepared together with GeoLightTravel, which helps to seamlessly organize travel anywhere in the world.

1. Iceland

5 exciting countries for which a visa is necessary to make

To visit Iceland you need a Schengen visa, as the country enters the European Union area. Before you go there, make sure to collect all necessary documents, including a passport, a completed application form in English, insurance, booking printout tickets, hotel, and a detailed description of the travel route, especially if you plan to call in neighboring countries.

Why you should go: If you want to see how diverse landscapes of Iceland, be sure to plan-day trip to the peninsula Snæfellsnes. Here is the National Park Snæfellsjökull with the same active volcano, an ancient cave Vatnskhetlir with 8-year history, and Mount Kirkjufell, apparently reminiscent of the church roof. Also worth visiting is the picturesque nature reserve Hornstrandir, a geothermal area in the Lake Myvatn area and glacial lagoon Yokulsarlon located in Diamond Beach.

2. New Zealand

5 exciting countries for which a visa is necessary to make

To arrange a New Zealand visa, not necessarily go to the visa center, enough to fill an online form on the website of New Zealand Immigration Service. However, you have to collect a large package of documents, more than Schengen, to translate all into English and notarized.

Why you should go: New Zealand - a country of contrasts, where everyone will find something to their liking. Here you can surf, or go to the mysterious hobbits country walk on the glacier, and then relax in a hot spring or sail on a boat through the cave glowing worms, before heading to the tasting of the best of New Zealand wines. Fans of "Lord of the Rings" is also worth a visit Hobbiton - hobbits fairytale village, where the shooting took place the famous trilogy.

3. Algeria

5 exciting countries for which a visa is necessary to make

Before planning a trip to Algeria, remember that tourism policy is pretty tough. In addition to the passport, the completed questionnaire in English, round-trip tickets and medical insurance for the visa you need an invitation from a tourist company or a private person residing in the territory of the country. However, if your passport has Israeli press - you can not rely on the issuance of visas.

Why you should go: The main attraction of the country - Saharan region, with its barren highlands, rocky plateaus and high dunes, which excite the imagination of even the most discerning travelers. Along the way, here you can find oases rich in vegetation, walking camels and nomadic families, carrying all their possessions from one water source to another. In Algeria as many charming towns with winding streets and stunning architecture, Mediterranean scenery and the ruins of the ancient Roman colony.

4. Japan

5 exciting countries for which a visa is necessary to make

For Japanese visa should also be invited, as well as a large set of documents, such as copies of internal and foreign passport, completed application form in English, booking airline tickets and hotel listing, certificate of employment, and an approximate travel plan. In this case, upon arrival at the Japanese airport you will be asked to make fingerprints and photograph person.

Why you should go: While in Japan, it is necessary to climb Mount Fuji - one of the symbols of the country, registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, take a dip in a hot spring with the monkeys in the park Dzhigokudani monkeys to take part in a tea ceremony or stroll through the shopping on Takeshita street in Harajuku. Fans of cosplay and manga like Akihabara district with shops anime goods and game centers, themed Maid cafe and studio Ghibli museum with sculptures of characters from Japanese animation and art galleries of renowned anime artists.

5. Canada

5 exciting countries for which a visa is necessary to make

Get a Canadian visa is possible through the Visa Application Center, in particular by sending documents by Pony Express or in online mode, on the site of the Embassy. To do this you will need a certified copy of the passport, completed application form in English or French, an income statement or bank statement, a written plan trips. However, to come personally to the visa center in Canada still have to pass the fingerprint.

Why you should go: The second largest country in the world - Canada - has no shortage of beautiful scenery and unique places for travelers. Thus, the country's oldest Banff National Park is famous for the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, endless forests and pristine lakes for canoeing - a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. As regards architectural monuments, considered the largest Saint Joseph's Oratory, Notre-Dame de Montréal, TV Tower "CN Tower" and the National Gallery with a huge collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs. GeoLightTravel will help you to arrange urgent visa or passport, to order w / tickets to Europe, to do the translation, representation or consular legalization of documents, as well as catch the inspiration for the next trip. From you only need to choose the country to study, to collect the necessary documents and mail, not leaving the house - the rest of the company's employees will do for you. Once the documents are ready, you will bring them to the right address.

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