Turkish midfielder Arda Turan: life, biography and career

Midfielder Arda Turan is a 2-fold the best player of the championship in Turkey, as well as the holder of many other prestigious awards. For 12 years he defended the colors of his national team, has spent exactly 100 matches and scored 17 goals. Now he is playing in the club "Istanbul Başaksehir".

How did began his career? Why exactly? On this and will be discussed in detail.

The Early Years

At the age of 9 years Arda Turan started playing football. He first 3 years he studied the basics of this sport in the Academy "Altyntepsi Makelspor", and then, in 1996, moved to the "Galatasaray". His pupil, he officially is.

At the age of 18 years old boy loaned to the club "Manisaspor". For him, he spent only one season, playing 15 games in the national tournament. When Arda Turan returned to "Galatasaray", he began to play very effectively and impressively.

Turkish midfielder Arda Turan: life, biography and career

was attached behind him a nickname - "New Gheorghe Hagi." He was a legend of the club and Romania.

Of course, Turan interested representatives of many top clubs, even the "Milan" and "Liverpool". But Arda committed an act, by which ever won the hearts of fans - he has signed a new contract with "Galatasaray", I am sure that is not going away from the Istanbul team. It turned out he had in terms of getting the captaincy and the championship.

Moving to Spain

Up until the 2011 football player Arda Turan played for "Galatasaray". He spent 130 games in the national championship, scoring 29 goals. And their dreams realized - became the champion of Turkey won the Cup and the Super Bowl of the country.

But then it was 4 years bought Madrid "Atletico", giving Turan for 12 million euros. He became the most expensive player in the history of Turkey. Looking ahead, it is worth noting that Arda Turan played for 4 years of 127 matches in the national championship and scored 13 goals.

Turkish midfielder Arda Turan: life, biography and career

Arda Turan took a t-shirt with number 11, quickly, "joined" the team began to show effective game. Together with the "Athletics" was the champion of Spain, won the Cup and the Super Bowl of the country, won the gold in the Europa League, and received the UEFA Super Cup.

He signed a new contract until 2017, but resigned in 2015-m "Barcelona". Why? Because he is tired of playing in the football, which demanded from the team of Diego Simeone. Arda Turan did not want to continue to constantly chase the ball - he wanted to begin to control it, to play not only the result but also spectacular.

Go to "Barcelona"

The Catalan club wanted to buy Arda Turan from about 2014. There were even rumors that it has signed a contract. But he went on to play for the "Athletics".

In "Barcelona" has passed in the summer of 2015. And his transfer was a personal request of Luis Enrique - the one who at the time coached by the Catalan team.

Turkish midfielder Arda Turan: life, biography and career

Approximately three seasons he spent 36 matches in the Example, scored 6 goals. It's not really even a strong indicator. Transfer costs dropped from EUR 35 million to 15 million. Then a team led by Ernesto Valverde, who once said that a Turk does not count, and the reason for that is not two injury (not serious, besides).

And in the summer of this year, "Barcelona" and does offer to sell the player, but the club denied. As a result, Arda Turan was loaned to FC "Istanbul Başaksehir". Catalans will be transferred money for his successful performances. Full transfer may be issued in any window to 2020. So far, he has played 11 matches and scored 2 goals.

The team

Since 2002, Arda Turan played for his national team. He played in all youth teams, and in 2006 began to defend the colors of the core team.

Of the achievements can be noted in the Mediterranean Games won silver (2005) and bronze at Euro 2008. Also with the team awarded the FIFA Fair Play Award for the match held against Armenia.

And Turan was the author of the 600-th goal of Turkey. His he scored in the game against Estonia, held in the qualifying tournament of the 2010 World Cup.


Well, it deserves to be told in the end. Many causes interest wife Arda Turan. Not surprising, because his beloved - Aslihan Dogan, daughter Redzhela Erdogan, Turkey's current president.

Turkish midfielder Arda Turan: life, biography and career

It is interesting that at the wedding of the head of the country has witnessed. Also at the ceremony attended by the president's wife and elder brother of the groom - Emre Belözoğlu, who plays for "Istanbul Başaksehir". I wonder what he has won a lot of titles, as well as on the list of "FIFA 100".

Arda Turan and his wife were in a relationship since the beginning of 2015, but in 2016 they parted. However, some time has passed, and the novel has flashed again. At the end of January 2018 the first man made Aslihan offer and she agreed. Soccer player wearing a ring on her finger with a 5x diamond, and the same in the winter they have entered into a religious marriage.