Forward "Akhmat" Zaur Sadaev

Zaur Sadaev - is a Russian footballer who currently plays in the club "Ahmad". At the moment, he is 27 years old, that is, he is in the prime of his strength. Footballer playing as a central striker.

Early career

Zaur Sadaev born November 6, 1989 in the town of Shali, Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. There the boy and began to get involved in football. At an early age he joined a local club "Vainakh", for the youth team which played until 2006. When he was 17 years old, his eye on the club "Terek" Grozny. Later, it was renamed "Ahmad". Athlete accepted the invitation. Officially, he was listed in the youth team, but already in 2006, played his first three matches in the main team.

The game of "Terek"

Zaur Sadaev signed with the club in 2007, a professional contract and immediately marked the first goals scored. He chalked up two goals in seven matches. But still it can not be considered a player in the starting lineup.

The following year, nothing has changed. Athlete continued to advocate for a double, and in the first team came on the field only three times. And only in 2009 he began to appear more frequently on the field. For the season, he was released in 17 matches and scored two goals. Next year is not much different from the previous one. Only the 2011-2012 season. Zaur became joyful. He played 31 matches and scored four goals. It was not enough to convince the club to its viability. Therefore Footballer Zaur Sadaev after seven matches in the next winter season has been shipped out.


Rental period

Sadaev first appeared in the Israeli "Beitar", but did not show it much result. For six months, he played 9 games, checking out one goal. Returning to the "Terek", he spent another half of the season on the bench, coming on the field 8 times and scoring one goal. After this was sent to the Polish "Lehiyu".

There for six months, he spent 18 matches and marked three goals. At this time the club decided not to leave it to the team after the completion of the rental agreement, and immediately send the practitioners to another team. Since the summer of 2014 Sadaev turned in another Polish club - "Lech". There he spent a year, went on the field 30 times and scored nine goals, winning his first trophy at the Polish Championship. Also garden with "Lech" was released in the Polish Cup final, but finished only second place.


Returning to the "Terek"

Returning to the "Terek", Zaur Sadaev once spent 16 matches and scored five goals. However, the following season, he again hardly appeared on the field. He was able to play only eight games, while successfully hit the ball twice.