Your business: where to start and how to finish too quickly

It is easy to become an entrepreneur: how to decorate the SP today understand even a schoolboy, and most of the financial transactions can be done from your smartphone. To create a business that will not end with the initial capital and will inspire you more than a year - a problem more serious. Heroine was important tips on how to start a business.

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Seek the real pain of a particular group of people

Your business: where to start and how to finish too quickly

To create an idea and see if it will be in demand, you will have time to become a physician, namely, to find that one hurts. Look for the real problem, it should not be too small - otherwise would not be worth her resources - and too rare - simply nowhere to look for clients.

Pain must belong to a specific group of people: young mothers, drivers, restaurant owners. If you decide to build a business on their own pain - in your town there is a cafe where you can safely go with the children; you difficult to find underwear on a figure - check how many people are concerned about a similar problem. You need a very common and uncomfortable situation.

If you feel that the pain is found, try to see if it cured and how difficult it can be. Finally, the third question to be answered: will you be able to deliver the solution to a particular client. To understand how real your pain and the effectiveness of the proposed solution you have to communicate with the "sick" - that is, with the intended audience. Tools for this is enough: "field" survey in cafes and other public places; online surveys. In addition, there are resources that can show your audience the project and see if it is relevant, and if they would like to use it.

Do not spend a lot of time on the business plan

Your business: where to start and how to finish too quickly

About business plan is often referred to as almost the most important part of the training, but unfortunately, people often spend too much time on planning, try to calculate everything, and the idea, eventually stalled in the eternal doubts and attempts analysis. Co-founder of a successful British kraft brewery BrewDog James Watt in his book "Business for punks" recommends not to bother long-term planning. Modern realities are changing too fast to be able to predict the next few years. Well-designed, clear, bright idea, and commercial acumen to help stay on course, but to determine the best course for the near future, rather than years.

Conclusion: business plan is necessary, but it should not alienate you from the action.

Focus on small audience

Your business: where to start and how to finish too quickly

The problem is that you're planning to decide to be quite common, but at the outset of you enough to concentrate on a particular group of people. Find 10-15 people, for whom the pain is relevant, offer them a solution. When it is like people, they are likely to offer it to your friends and acquaintances - in spite of the development of marketing technologies, "word of mouth" is the most reliable tool (but rely exclusively on him, too, it is not necessary).

If the decision is people do not like it - they did not want to share or use again, you need to look for another "cure". Well, if you could not find 10-15 people with this problem, it is necessary to think more and look for a new idea.


At the beginning of his business the way you should be very stingy. At the start, easy to make mistakes and spend money on things without which your business and so survive. Casts doubt on every waste, consider, copy, seek profits wherever they can, and do not spend money that is not yours.

The founder of the network cafe "Anderson" in one of his lectures on business recommends starting with their money, rather than hope for the investors so you probably will fight for that every penny was spent efficiently and bring profit.

Do not rush to delegate

Your business: where to start and how to finish too quickly

If a business associate you with a free schedule, shorter working hours and other privileges imaginary business executives - you should think again before opening their own business. To transfer some duties to someone else have yet soon - these are additional costs, besides you will never can not be sure that the hired employee will perform the work with the same zeal and responsibility, and that's you. Even after the business will be profitable and will be released in a relatively stable phase, rely too much on the delegation is not worth it - you risk to move away from the affairs and not see that other people are not on the company to the course that you have identified. You want the case to be successful - get ready to dive into it as much as possible.

Business will take you a lot of time, especially at the beginning, therefore, strive to optimize all processes. For example, ProstoBank to quickly and easily perform all banking transactions, leaving power to a favorite cause.

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