How to build a successful business on the Internet

At the online store a lot of advantages over offline-business. The most important of them - a fraction of the cost and administrative barriers. In addition, your audience is not particularly limited by geography, and thus find customers much easier. Heroine tells how to become the mistress of its own online store.

define the concept of

How to build a successful business on the Internet

The first step - strategy. You must understand that you want to sell. Conventionally, your choice can be divided into two options: a product that you produce itself, and reselling someone else's product.

If you make confectionery, jewelry, sew clothes, or anything else you create - the question to the specific product is no longer relevant.

In other cases, you can start with market research. Check the frequency of requests through Yandex. Vordstate. This service will help to find out what people most often search the Internet, and even analyze the requests by region.

This product must meet three basic criteria: to be claimed; not too competitive - combined with the demand for quality is quite difficult, especially since the Internet market, in principle, is very competitive; not be seasonal.

Now especially popular resale of Chinese goods. They are cheap, besides, still a lot of people are afraid of Russian goods ordered overseas and prefer to take that closer look.

Concentrate on one niche - cosmetics, accessories and clothes. The buyer should clearly understand what you're selling.

Make a business plan

How to build a successful business on the Internet

Beginners often ignore this point. As a result, there are blind and do not reach the desired result. Even if you do business alone, and you do not need to report to investors, a business plan is required. To begin, write down all the information about the business - idea, market analysis, any data that can be useful.

Further costs to conduct SWOT-analysis. To do this, you need to consider four criteria: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This step will help to objectively assess the prospects for future business.

Then the component parts: a detailed list of costs, production and organizational plans, the timing of implementation. You can see the finished layout business plan on the Internet or make it arbitrarily. The main thing - you to clearly see the whole process.

Create Site

How to build a successful business on the Internet

turn to the most important part - the creation of the site. To do this, you do not need knowledge of programming and design, a special service will do everything for you. One such program - Mozello. With it you can create your website or online store.

The service has everything to create high-quality marketing resource. Large variety of designs, each of which has adapted to the mobile version, which is very important.

Your site you will be able to optimize for search engines, so spend money on SEO-experts do not have to.

Service allows you to connect all the popular payment systems, and supports multiple languages. In addition, a site created in Mozello, can interact with the services of marketing and analytics.

The main advantage of Mozello - simplicity. When this service is functional and allows you to customize the site to suit your preferences: Change the design, correct delivery options, create a convenient catalog. The program is very clear administrative panel, the technical support team to quickly respond to any questions. Create your own online store

Thoughtful different ways of delivery

The main problem with an online store - delivery of the goods. Use all the possible options: mail, courier service. For delivery to your city, it makes sense to hire his own courier, so you minimiziruesh risks of damage or loss of goods. Also, leave the buyer the opportunity for ex.

Register business

To formalize an online store fit the shape of individual enterprise. Its the easiest way to register is less red tape and problems with accounting.

Plan your advertising

How to build a successful business on the Internet

Even if you plan to start a business with minimum cost, will have to spend on advertising. It can be contextual, banner, teaser. A popular and inexpensive way - browser push notification. They are used to inform about promotions, product status and return to the store buyer. About advertising in groups in social networks, too, must not be forgotten.

If you do not understand marketing, it is better to hire a specialist at least for the first time, when it is especially important to promote a store and dial audience.