4 ways to quickly summarize the year in social networks

Last year was not so bad: Of course, on all dumped the problem, but on the negative news is no longer hide behind the filter and purges friend-sheet, but we had the opportunity to meet new amazing directors, smile from the stunning series and even find time for my guilty pleasure. If you count down the days to when you can start a new life, you should slow down a bit and think about how much good going on throughout the year. Make it difficult for the results, considering how much information you get during the day, so we put together a few simple life hacking of social networks to quickly run through the memories.


4 ways to quickly summarize the year in social networks

Remember what your picture has become the most favorite of the year. Install the application Top Nine, populate it with your data and get nine posts of Instagram, which scored the most likes and comments. Pay attention to what is really popular with friends - maybe you should frequently publish content of this kind?

Write down in a special blog their memories about how this or that photo was taken. Remind your friends about what a great event you have experienced together, and also proposed the creation of a few more no less cool in the new year.


Everyone says that no longer use facebook, but at the same time do it during the next attack procrastination, to read a little about the scandals of his acquaintances. If you please mark anniversaries of friendship, then surely enjoy and automatic video with the results of the year, which includes some of your best posts. To see it, you need to go to a special page facebook.com/memories.

4 ways to quickly summarize the year in social networks

Use it to refresh old contacts and connect with people who work in your area. It's likely you can often share experiences and benefit for their companies, so do not miss this opportunity.


4 ways to quickly summarize the year in social networks

Twitter is a very detailed analytics throughout the year by reference analytics.twitter.com, so that you will be able to see any of your records for a particular month. Summing up the year, do not forget to pay attention to them, as well as select the best tweets, which often meet followers. A high probability that your personal top lead the different memes, as well as the threads are "one fact alone = Like", but even they can be a great reminder of how much you could learn in the last year.

Musical services

Not so long ago returned Spotify Spotify feature called Wrapped, which shows all the songs and artists that you listened to the most during the year. You need to go to spotifywrapped.com page, enter your account, and the service will show you all the statistics on your listening to music in 2018. You can also re-listen to your favorite songs in the playlist will automatically appear, "The Best Songs 2018", and even if you forget about something that listening to only in February - it is easy to refresh memories.

4 ways to quickly summarize the year in social networks

If you are using Yandex. The music, the service has already started to automatically send the results of the year, and to see them again you can at music.yandex.ru/personal/top2018. Service also indicates the number of listen to music, listening to the leaders and other unusual facts about your musical taste. Unfortunately, Apple Music has not added a convenient service for the analysis of the year, but you can use a little more complicated method, and get the data manually. To do this, you need to go to your privacy settings, request a copy of your data, to get an e-mail .zip file. From it you will need to file Apple Music Play Activity - precisely in this table shows information about each listen to the song. You can also see the total amount of time spent listening to Apple Music, the day on which you spent the most time, and much more.

And what other services do you use it for a year?