Simple tips for those who dream of owning your own business

According to polls Small Business Development Center, 43% of women millenialov generation would like to open your business, if they consider sufficient their financial resources. Despite the fact that 61% of respondents also said that the work on someone else better guarantees permanent employment, 26% of this number is still going to create a company in the next three years.

One desire is not enough: women face obstacles unknown to them on a daily basis and often do not know about the resources available to them and how to turn to for support. Here are 7 tips for those who want to have a successful company, but is afraid to take risks.

1. The earlier, the better

Simple tips for those who dream of owning your own business

How many people in your surroundings say what they want to do, but did not even begin to step training? Each of us occasionally behaves, but if you want to have your own business, it is time to take decisive steps. Whatever your passion was not in, turn it into a method to earn money, because the only person that you stop - you yourself.

When I have formed an idea and became enough skills to create The Content Factory, I was 25. I have not dived into it completely, until I was 27, and it cost me a lot. Now I have a dozen employees, and I often wonder, could not my company to be twice as much as if I had started earlier.

- Kari deFillips, CEO of The Content Factory

Creation of the company - a stressful process that requires a lot of time and thought processes, and "appropriate" moment can not come ever. If you wait too long, you may lose the opportunity to become a pioneer.

2. Do not compare yourself with others

Perhaps an idea for their own business spun in your head for several years, and finally put it into practice can be scary. Perfectly normal to be afraid to stumble, but to make every effort to overcome this fear.

Allow yourself to be the one who you really are, and do not compare yourself with other entrepreneurs. You may seem that they are stronger, smarter, and them more luck, but you do not know, they've been through in fact, to be in this place. Of course, you can focus on the success stories and learn from them, but even if the recipe does not work for you - it does not mean that your business starts to pay off.

3. Check all

Simple tips for those who dream of owning your own business

Use all your resources before you start your own project. Read thematic literature on the establishment of private businesses, consult with lawyers about the registration of the company, study how the tax system in respect of business in your country.

If there is an opportunity - to learn a few distinctive features of your competitors, conducted with a focus group to understand which aspects of the business need to develop in the first place.

Find out from friends and relatives if they have any connections that could help in promoting the business, such as barter or referral system.

4. Talk with experts

Many people mistakenly believe that other businesses will not talk about how they do business to competitors. In reality, you can always agree on how to have a cup of coffee with an expert in your field and to discuss important nuances of work. Companies become stronger when support each other - that is what is called a healthy competition. Remember the assistance that you had at the start, and after a few years you just be able to help other beginners.

5. Find a mentor

Simple tips for those who dream of owning your own business

Find a specialist, whom you respect, in order to obtain important information about the work of entrepreneurs. Form a group with like-minded people, to learn all about the industry, attend conferences and workshops. You will avoid a huge amount of trial and error to learn about the failures that plagued other professionals in their field.

6. sign it finances

Start your own company takes a lot of finance. Take away the personal finances of the money intended for business - to create a separate account for business expenses. Use your savings account or learn about special banking program for business start-ups. Also, try to make a reserve account, which will keep the funds in case of emergencies.

7. Register

No matter in what area you start to work, to take into account the need for official registration of your project. Choose your tax system on which you work - for example, a patent or simplified. Fix, and possibly patented the name of your company. Announced the start of work in the CPS and other regulatory authorities. Do not forget to create an official page in the social networks and Google Maps tell about a new institution.

Do you dream about your business, and that stems from its inception?